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Ask week 4 s of conduct refer to laid down principles that are meant to restrict behavior. Whenever people come together, there is the need for them to behave in a particular manner. In places of work these are provided in a set of principles commonly referred to as the code of conduct. However, there are some people whose daily lives are lived by strict moral principles that can easily pass for codes of conduct too. A code of conduct must normally be adhered to, failure to which the employer is entitled to instill a disciplinary action against the offending party (Caldwell, 2003).

A globalized society is one that brings people of varied background together. This is a case in which even a local company outsources for its employee from regions and countries far a way. It is therefore advisable that a company sets out the acceptable behaviors to ensure that these people from very diverse background coexist peaceful and work together for the common good of the company. These are normally referred a professional codes of conduct (Badaracco, 1992). The above two definitions and their developments result in ethical studies.

This is a broad subject whose understanding offers valid answers to the following questions: What are the main causes of resistance to change in organizations? Change is inevitable, so is the perception, what are the most common changes that a business organization may face? How best should employees respond to these changes? Define ethical dilemmas in organizations. What ethical dilemmas may managers face in their day to day managerial roles? Who is to be blamed when employees behave unethically in a work place? Why? List the most common ethical mistakes that employees are more susceptible to in a typical business environment.

What is a code of conduct? And why is it relevant at work place? Based on your above answer, what are considered when coming up with a code of conduct in a business organization? Are these codes of conduct universal in a particular profession? Why do you think this is so? Define transparency in an organization? Is it a vice or a virtue at work place? Elaborate. What is an organizational culture? What is the rationale behind embedding transparency in the organizational culture? Provide a relationship between organizational culture, transparency, codes of conducts and organizational ethics. Is there a difference between integrity and transparency?

Elaborate. What specific circumstances may lead an organization into changing its culture? Provide an insight into this. Who in the organization is mandated with effecting this change? Explain how such a change may impact on output. Internal restructuring may result from cultural change, explain how and who may be affected by such changes. Organization’s cultural change may face some resistance. Explain what group of people in the organization are more likely to resist such changes and why? Differentiate between the roles of organizational ethics and codes of conduct at a work place. Can defining the two in an organization raise conflicts?

Give examples of circumstance where applying the two conflict. What is corruption and how does it affect organizations? References Badaracco, J.L. , Jr. (1992) ‘Business ethics: four spheres of executive responsibility’, California Management Review, 34 (3), pp. 64-79. Caldwell, R. (2003) ‘Models of change agency: A fourfold classification’, British Journal of Management, 14(2), pp. 131-142 Pielstick, C. D. (2000) Formal vs. Informal Leading: A Comparative Analysis, Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 7 (3), pp.

99-114, [Online] Available from: http: //dx. doi. org/10.1177/107179190000700307 (Accessed: 28. October 2012). Verhezen, P. (2010) Giving Voice in a Culture of Silence. From a Culture of Compliance to a Culture of Integrity, Journal of Business Ethics, 96 (2), pp. 187-206, Springer [Online] Available from: http: //dx. doi. org/10.1007/s10551-010-0458-5 (Accessed: 26. October 2012).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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