Essays on Aspects Affecting Consumer Purchasing Conduct and Modern Consumer Purchasing Trends Literature review

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The paper “ Aspects Affecting Consumer Purchasing Conduct and Modern Consumer Purchasing Trends” is a  motivating example of a literature review on marketing. Many organizations today are investing resources towards studies meant to predict consumer purchase behaviour. Studies on consumer purchase behaviour provide an analytical background for repositioning and re-strategizing marketing segmentation and effective marketing processes. The studies on consumer purchase choices of products and services provide valuable insights into why consumers prefer certain products and services. Studies on consumer purchasing behaviour provide knowledge on why ‘ certain products are likely to dominate the market and why certain products enjoy ‘ a high market share’ .

Consumer purchase behaviour on ‘ choices of certain products’ has led to some ‘ products becoming obsolete’ . Advancement in technology like the adoption of ‘ e-business’ has played a great role in shifting consumer choices in certain products that are available online. For instance, with a shift into the use of computers, products like ‘ rubber erasers’ are becoming obsolete and are soon going to be off the counters. Products like ‘ washing basins’ are being replaced by washing machines. Products like ‘ monophonic mobile phones’ are being replaced by ‘ polyphonic mobile phones’ that have GPRS settings, have inbuilt cameras and videos et al’ .

Consumer behaviour has become a matter of choice of products that add value to the consumer. Consumer needs have a great impact on consumer purchase choices for products and services. In many instances, a consumer needs only products that have a particular personal value or that which underline their cultural background, lifestyles, career, social class or products that make a fashion statement. This essay reports on different aspects that affect consumer purchasing behaviour and will explain current consumer purchasing trends.

The essay illustrates the convectional definition of consumer behaviour as a discipline in business studies and highlights four models of choice processes that contribute significantly to consumer purchase behaviour. The choice processes are backed up by my research on ‘ factors affecting consumer purchase decisions’ .Definition of consumer behaviourAccording to Korczak (2008), consumer behaviour is a discipline in business studies that looks into what consumers are buying and provides an explanation of why the consumers are buying a particular product. Korczak (2008) adds that studies on consumer behaviour highlight factors that make consumers shift to certain products.

Korczak (2008) proposes that studies on consumer purchase behaviour provide insights on what consumers will be buying in future and factors that will drive consumers to make choices and decisions of what to buy. Uttley and Scott (2006) suggested that consumer behaviour is a study of how consumer’ s purchasing power is changing following the adoption of consumer choices on products and feedbacks from satisfied users on the products. Uttley and Scott (2006) and Korczak (2008) agree consumer’ s tastes and preferences are likely to change in future and this will greatly influence consumer choices for certain products.

Mowen and minor (1997:5) argue that consumer behaviour is ‘ the study of the buying units and the exchange processes involved in acquiring, consuming and disposing of products, services, ideas or experiences. ’ OverviewEljala (2006), Mark (2007) and Rob (2007) agree that consumer purchase behaviour is a product of choice processes. Eljala (2006) suggested that the choice processes of a consumer vary depending on the consumers' Loyalty and Beliefs on the product. The consumer’ s needs, according to Eljala (2006) are depended on the lifestyle trends of a consumer that are dictated by the social class of the consumer.

Mark (2007) suggested that consumer choice processes are subject to promotions services that are characteristic of the product. Mark (2007) added that promotional services of products and services have a market segmentation and target a given particular age of the consumer market. Mark (2007) and Rob (2007) agree that consumer market segmentation evaluates spending potential of a consumer and satisfaction level that the consumer derives on the product. According to Rob (2007), young people are possessed with products that underline their status and products that are characteristic of celebrities.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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