Essays on The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Assignment

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The paper "The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation" is an outstanding example of a finance and accounting assignment. HSBC is a Private Limited company that is established in wales and England. Its headquarters are in London. It is the largest group of the banking system of the world and also it takes pride to be the largest company of the world. HSBC is one among few International banks that do not require and accept any infusion in capital or any other Government bailout. HSBC is a short form of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.

Hong Kong is one of the great and important sources of finances for HSBC, there is not any country that dominates such income. Now HSBC has also its root in China. HSBC group is the largest banking group in Europe that has vast and deep-rooted operational foundations in Asia. It is offering enormous lending services, investment services, and insurance services all over the world. The HSBC company has maintained a global reach and has entertained with all of the financial fundamentals which are included by many banks and financial multinationals in their operations. HSBC group of banking is also listed on Hong Kong, New York and London Stock Exchanges.

It is also a great part of the Hang Seng Index and FTSE 100 Index. HSBC banking group is the leading and most broadly signify as an international bank of the Middle East. The great research on HSBC demonstrates that the largest banking group in the world, HSBC bank is doing exceptional in the banking industry. It is doing well in all of its services whether they are of pricing, convenience and confidence.

There are many pie charts and tables that represent the detailed fame and operational reputation of the HSBC banking group. An explanatory examination in the study encompasses the results as follows: An opinion poll was planned and was presented to targeted 25 customers who are using the services of HSBC and also account holders of HSBC bank. While answering the question to the customers related to that why they prefer HSBC bank from account opening? About 19% of them told that it is most famous and has a good reputation that is why they have chosen it, about 18% considered that it has great stability 17% of the customers told that it is reliable and they can depend on services and are entertained with quality services and product.


Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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