Essays on Assertiveness as an Important Skill in Leadership and Management of People Essay

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The paper "Assertiveness as an Important Skill in Leadership and Management of People" is an outstanding example of an essay on management. Assertiveness is important is required of good leadership as it is a skill that helps one in managing not just one-self but also managing relationships with others. According to Schwartz (2001, p. 17), it requires a lot of effort for a person to become assertive as it does not just happen overnight. To be assertive implies communicating one’ s thoughts and opinions while still respecting others (Ekmekci 2016, p. 120).

Assertiveness is also described as a quality of being able to defend oneself and other people’ s rights in a positive and calm manner without necessarily becoming aggressive or accepting a wrong passively (Gillen 1998, p. 2). In this respect, an assertive person is that individual who is able to communicate his/her opinions without apology while still giving others a chance to have their say (Potts & Potts 2013, p. 42). Such people are not pushovers as they know the limit to which they can bend. Additionally, assertive people, unlike aggressive people are able to pass their point across without necessarily upsetting others.

Assertiveness is a quality that is particularly required of referees to have because it ensures good decision making in the pitch as was demonstrated by referee Andre Marriner and his assistant Scott Ledger in a football match between Liverpool and Crystal Palace, where a good decision was made because of the assertiveness of the referees (Walsh 2016). This report begins by describing how a referee made a good decision in a football match between Liverpool and Crystal Palace at the final minutes of the match despite protest from others.

The report proceeds to describe the key issues in this football match and why this was representative of good practice in interpersonal communication. The report will conclude with a brief summary of the findings and present key learning from the report. Finally, the report will provide suggestions as to how organizations can build in good practice.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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