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In general, the paper "John Milliken – VP Operations at Bayonne Packaging" is a great example of a management case study.   John Milliken has a tough challenge ahead of him. Bayonne Packaging president, Dave Rand, has asked him to analyze Bayonne’ s operations and present recommendations by the end of the week. New to the company, Milliken has now reviewed operations and activities. Below are four questions to address in the role of John Milliken. Please answer your questions by typing in the spaces designated between the lines. Add as much space as required for each question. Each question is worth equal weight: 20%. Please address each question in the corresponding space provided in this file.

Edit your answers in this file as the edit time will be tracked in file properties. It is important that you work in this file only. Please note that the track changes feature is enabled. This feature is also important to ensure the integrity of answers. For easier editing, you are able to change the edit tracking view under the menu tab “ Review – Tracking – Final” option. It will be easier to work with the document in the view “ Final” mode as opposed to viewing “ Final: Show Markup” mode which shows all changes made while editing. When you have completed the exam exercise, save the file in its Word document format (do not convert to PDF) and email your submission as an attached file to pbeede@hct. ac. ae. Submissions are due by or before 11:00 pm Wednesday evening, 28th May. Exam Questions 1) Process design … flowcharting the work process Having reviewed the flow of product from raw materials to finished goods, John Milliken now has a thorough understanding of the entire work process.

With this knowledge: Outline or illustrate the workflow process in a flowchart format. How does product flow through the entire conversion process? Identify a current key issue in the workflow process. What is the issue and what information do you have to support your opinion? 2) Improving quality … TQM What do you feel is the most significant issue affecting Bayonne Packaging: The rate of scrap product currently affecting production The rate of partial orders shipping to customers (and as a result, partial late shipments) The rate of reject products being returned from customers after delivery Select one issue you believe to be the most significant contributor to Bayonne’ s performance problems.

Explain why this issue is impacting company performance and the most important to address quickly. Support your opinion/logic with information available in the case. 3) Lean management principles Given the batch process inherent in Bayonne’ s production structure, how might you introduce an improvement based on a lean management process? In reviewing Bayonne’ s operations, recommend one key lean management process you would implement. Explain what that process should be, how you would implement it and what benefit should result. 4) Sales forecasting issues Dave Rand has told John Milliken that “ sales are up – we have to run two shifts now. ” Obviously, higher production costs are one implication of increased sales.

Could the growth in sales have been predicted? Sales forecasting is an important tool to aid production planning.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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