Essays on Importance of Leadership and Human Relations Skills Coursework

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The paper "Importance of Leadership and Human Relations Skills" is an excellent example of coursework on human resources. Leadership and human relations skills play a crucial in professional management and personal life. Human relations helps one understand the reasoning behind some actions either by self, friends, co-workers, and family. Therefore, human relations skills can be applied both in personal and professional life. For instance, a good mastery of human relations skills helps one to ethically achieve personal, professional and organizational goals. Most successful managers attribute their success to positive human relations.

It is also evident from early studies that most managers and employees often fail because of poor human relations. This implies that human relations skills are a prerequisite for a successful career and family life. Owing to the need to tune up to the multicultural nature of the contemporary business set up, the acquisition of skills on leadership and human relations is inevitable. This helps an employee to work with people of diversified cultures with ease. How individual characteristics influence interpersonal behaviorThree individual characteristics are known to influence interpersonal behavior. These consist of knowledge, expertise, and self-efficacy (Hegar & Hodgetts, 2012).

In this regard, a good mastery of knowledge, expertise, and self-worth raises one’ s confidence and self-esteem in connection to personal and professional life. Success OrientationMy view of success is based on the ability to incorporate a mix of styles such as skills, intelligence, and a good personality. Though success may sometimes be attributed to luck, ease of task or help is given to us by people success actually lies within ourselves (Aamodt & Raynes, 2006). Self-esteem, motivation, and general well-being can be enhanced upon one’ s realization that we can enthusiastically influence positive events in life (DuBrin, 2011).

Based on the results of this test, I realize that my strongest trait is a good personality. Skills and intelligence without a good personality do not yield the expected outcome. My weakest point is demotivation. This is often caused by my inability to withstand repeated failures at the place of work. I need to make changes in regards to this weak point. I need resilience and patience amid of repetitive downfalls. Socially, I have the ability to adjust behavior to fit into various circumstances.

This implies that I sometimes act on instincts irrespective of my location or company. This discrepancy can be understood either on my inability to control overreaction or actions that do not consider the end results. (Reece, 2014). It should be noted that sporadic carelessness may not only make situations difficult for the actor but also to fellow workers or even customers. People who are often aggressive, uncompromising and inconsistent are more susceptible to condemnation and rejection. The results from the personality tests confirm one another because both hold onto the view that a positive personality is a prerequisite for success.

Good knowledge of one’ s personality has a positive impact on how the co-workers shall relate with the leader. Knowing one’ s personality also helps other workers to define boundaries for positive relations. This is vital in enhancing one’ s ability to lead harmoniously with less frequent conflicts that can result in strained relationships.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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