Essays on Assessing The Impact Of Globalisation Assignment

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The change of status within countries that is occurring for globalisation to move forward is one that continues to change the United States and Turkmenistan with different procedures that are being used. On all levels, these two countries are experiencing rapid alterations in the way that things are being conducted, including policies and procedures to the current systems that are in place. Understanding the different roles that globalisation has played is one that is causing the countries to completely change their current national concepts. For the United States as well as Turkmenistan, the process of globalisation has impacted every area of life and functioning with changes that have been made in order to process what is necessary at a global level.

Specifically, this functions around the concept of liberalization, where each of the economic, political, social, technical, environmental and legislative changes are moving into a transition phase. This is causing the policies, procedures and regulations to move into a free zone so that globalisation can occur. This means that the concept of going global opens up doors and is liberating things such as the economy.

The response is that the other areas of living are also being forced to open up on each side. “When it comes to globalization, the transition question relates in the public domain to trade liberalization and to capital account liberalization (I. e. to the question of liberalizing the movements of capital). That the latter needs caution and careful preparation is now manifest” (Bhagwati, 2004). This shows that the concept of globalisation is one that works in all areas of the national entities, including the concept of liberating the entire nation states into a set of global relationships. The process of this transition is one that is now showing with one change in globalisation, is the following of other areas in society that are being impacted.

For example, in both the US and Turkmenistan, the idea of being global began with economics. However, it is now being seen that this response is impacting the other areas of life in each of the countries, causing for the push to shift the necessary concepts and ideals in these countries. With this impact and the need to change, is also a new understanding of globalisation, where it is not only conclusive of one area, but is also bringing in a realization that it will impact all areas of life.

“The great hope of globalisation is that it will raise living standards throughout the world: give poor countries access to overseas markets so that they can sell their goods, allow in foreign investment that will make products at cheaper prices, and open borders so that people can travel abroad to be educated, work, and send home earnings to help their families and fund new businesses” (Stiglitz, 2006).

Even though many have recognized this particular aspect of globalization as the hope of the future for countries, the leading of economics, as well as the concepts being followed by politics, has caused specific responses instead of a continuous vision to lead towards a global arena.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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