Essays on The Current and Potential Size of the P2P Sector in Australia Case Study

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The paper "The Current and Potential Size of the P2P Sector in Australia" is a good example of a micro and macroeconomic case study.   The I. Finance Company is a FinTech, a major player in the economic sector. The company deals with the use of technology to improve the efficiency of financial services. The I. Finance platform provides an avenue of peer to peer lending. The emergence of financial technology acts as a disruptive mechanism in the world’ s financial system. The technology has received great acceptance across the world due to its low cost, efficiency and reliability.

Also, it is considered convenient since traders can make payments to other traders irrespective of geographical distance. The report provides an in-depth analysis of the market status of P2P in Australia. The Current and Potential Size of the P2P Sector in Australia The FinTech Company has successfully created a disruptive effect on the financial system in the economic sector. The peer-to-peer sector has increased drastically due to market acceptance and benefits compared to traditional modes. The Australian market has more than 50 peer-to-peer companies who are actively playing in various market segments (P2p-banking. com, n.d. ).

The primary function of P2P is achieving efficiency through the use of technology. The investors have great confidence in financing FinTech incubators and start-ups showing great potential in the sector. The majority of P2P Companies sell products and services which are not in existence since they link the buyer and seller of the products. Therefore, valuing such a company proves difficult since they only rely on technology as their main asset. For example, Uber Company provides taxi services but does not own any taxi.

Thus, investing in such a company proves tricky since it has few or no tangle assets unlike other contemporary companies (Xu et al. , 2015). The analysis of companies below shows a clear indication of investor confidence on current performance and potentiality of the P2P sector in Australia; SocietyOne Company The company is a major P2P player in Australia and it links investors with creditworthy borrowers.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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