Essays on Fairness and Equal Employment Opportunity Case Study

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The paper "Fairness and Equal Employment Opportunity" is a great example of a Management Case Study. The human resource department is one of the most crucial departments of any establishment. It is entrusted with the duty of hiring employees, training the already working team in order to sharpen their skills, evaluating their performance, recognizing top-performing personnel, and ensuring that the workforce observes the rules and regulations that govern an establishment (Management Study Guide 2008-2013). Therefore, the success of organizations is to a big extent dependent on practices that the human resource team employs in managing its employees.

The extent of employee contribution stems from the satisfaction that they get from the facility. As a result, the human resource team should be keen on the methods they employ on their colleagues as this will have an effect on their working patterns. In order to guide the activities of employees successfully, the human resource department should have extensive knowledge of how to control and manage masses of people. They should have sound judgment and also be in a position to study the psychology of people.

Competitive employees are careful about the establishments they work for in regard to the benefits and the organizational culture that promotes their growth as well as inculcate lifetime skills that will help them into the future. Preparing for Redundancy Redundancy is an unfortunate circumstance that happens to employees when organizations experience changes in their work environment. This has nothing to do with the employees’ performance or misconduct. It mainly happens as a result of the seasonality of the business, changes in technology, and other related activities that relate to the performance of the company (Stone, 2010).

In order to be fully equipped, an employee needs to be well informed on the eventualities and decisions that a company takes in order to determine their next move in case such a scenario happens. Therefore, consultations are crucial in order to be fully aware of what to expect (Acas, 2006). For instance, are there send off packages to accompany them on their way out? Is the establishment of actively assisting the employee in a job search? In the case of contracts, does the contract continue to exist when such a misfortune strikes or could the company forcefully terminate it?

All these prepare one’ s mind when the time for redundancy checks in. Another aspect that could assist an employee during this moment is the achievements that one has made while working in the establishment. An employee who was actively engaged in the welfare of the former establishments will likely get a good recommendation as well as a certificate of recognition. This will earn them admiration when they go to the next employer.

When still in employment, a bright employee makes contact with various people in the professional field and this increases chances of knowing when positions fall vacant in the diverse industry. Moreover, an employee who has maintained a good image and good work ethics is likely to be recommended by friends to their bosses when they are looking for a job. Moreover, employees should continue with their studies in order to improve their employability in the future. Paid scholarship opportunities should be taken up with weight and utilized in order to become a better person with a range of choices to choose from.

Organizations are seeking well-educated people who can perform a range of activities and still deliver a quality contribution to their establishments. Moreover, the training and development skills offered in-house should be a target by employees who understand the importance and value of competitiveness in the job market.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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