Essays on Growth and Performance of Elle Sports Case Study

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The paper 'Growth and Performance of Elle Sports " is a good example of a management case study. Logistics is in absolute terms regarded as the overall responsiveness of any system to the general demand for goods and services in the market (Robert & Bernard 2006, p. 329). In order to ensure that this is achieved, some aspects should be factored in ranging from supply chain management to the general internal organization of the supplying firm. The market has become too competitive such that new challenges are faced each day and everything has turned out to be survival for the fittest.

Flexibility is of much importance to any firm operating in the dynamic market where new customer demands are being met every day (Paul & Donald 2006, p. 275). Time happens to be another essential ingredient and tool for a competition where client demands are to be met as required and on time. Any delay in terms of delivery of services might lead to the eventual outfacing of a firm completely out of the market due to the loss of customers. It is an obligation to any supply company to meet its client firm’ s demands and make their deliveries on time because any delay may hamper their operations.

Depending on the nature of client firms involved, the supplying firm should tailor their operations in such a way that they can accommodate all their client’ s interests (Sunil & Peter 2007, p. 143). In this context, the scenario mainly surrounds two firms, Trento (supplier) and Elle Sports (retail firm). Trento, as the supplier, is unable to meet the delivery lead-time demanded by their client, Elle Sports.

In addition, Trento is not only experiencing problems in meeting Elle’ s demands but all their clients are complaining. In fact, two client firms have already terminated their contract with them. There is an even greater danger of losing most of their pure, loyal, and prestigious client firms if something is not done as quickly as possible (Arnold & Tony 2007, p. 213). The sluggishness and complacence on Trento is a time bomb that can explode any time and bring along with its adverse effects that might see them leaving the market never to recover again. This report considers the Elle Sports as it seeks to advise Elle Sports on the most appropriate step to take between settling for other suppliers.  


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