Essays on The Benefit of Cloud Technology Case Study

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The paper "The Benefit of Cloud Technology" is a good example of a Business case study. The paper first focuses on the meaning of the increasingly common cloud techniques by describing these approaches and how they are used by businesses. As will be seen in the paper, cloud techniques adopt virtual machines and storage centers and use these to achieve convenient processes. The paper then focuses on the cloud environment and outlines the confusion associated with the practices and how these systems may be implemented effectively. Also discussed are the challenges as well as benefits that are derived from the cloud techniques and the reasons why organizations should consider setting up these systems to enhance their performance.

The recommendations are given to outline the vital system requirements and how these requirements may be achieved in the implementation of the cloud accounting techniques. Introduction                 Technological developments have been witnessed in the recent past, some of which have been put to use by businesses for the betterment of their business performance. The internet has presented new opportunities that have been utilized in a manner that has increased organization efficiency and easier access to organizational information by the employees.

Cloud computing techniques have become increasingly common in the business environments, but have come with challenges as well as benefits for organizations. In this paper, cloud techniques have been described and discussed and recommendations provided on the best way to achieve a successful cloud service with the best performance. Also discussed are the challenges and benefits associated with these techniques. Cloud accounting                 Recent cloud computing infrastructures have provided resources on-demand that are based on post-paid principles.

These infrastructures can deliver the elastic capacity that can automatically increase or decrease to achieve cost-efficient service level agreements. With these infrastructures, the total capacity of data centers can be extended by subcontracting more resources from other collaborating data centers so that the overall infrastructure forms a federation of clouds (Elmroth et al 268).  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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