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The paper "Ten Network Holdings Limited Business " is a perfect example of a business case study. For a business to grow and be regarded effective among the established businesses, the management ought to identify and exploit opportunities that their competitor is also fighting for. This means positioning well in the market, targeting customers and places yet to be exploited that are yet to be exploited (Mulcaster 2009, P. 71). In this way, the business will be expanding and soon it can be counted among successful businesses. Ten can be considered to be doing better in the local media industry in Australia and has the potential to move to a global seen.

However, there are various factors that make it to be considered as a potential company to penetrate into the global arena and also factors that it has to adhere to further perform well. To put this discussion into perspective, this report looks at the factors in detail on how they influence the company’ s potential to becoming a global company. 2.0 Ten’ s global expansion strategies and methods Ten is has grown by using differentiation, targeting and customer service strategies amongst others.

Since its establishment in 1998, the company has acquired 11 companies in different cities in its native country Australia demonstrating management’ s determination for success (TNHL 2013). Ten Network Holding limited is not only trying to expand the marketplace it operates in its key business but continues to raise a wide range of services provided in its core business. The company maintains incorporating new products such as talk shows. The acquisition of companies that primarily focus on advertisement demonstrates that Ten Network has turn become a media sector leader “ employing a differentiation strategy and now has the potential to target even the global market” (Mckeown 2012).

It is driven towards providing high-quality news, programs and ads to its customers. Ten remains successful by embracing the differentiation approach. One of the major successes of Ten Network in the media business can be associated with its three-year expansion strategy which began in 2001 and was concentrated on starting the company being in any demographically suitable places that can be served by the arrangement of the operation of the company (TNHL 2013).


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