Essays on E-Marketing Excellence Planning And Optimizing Your Digital Marketing Case Study

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The paper "E-Marketing Excellence Planning And Optimizing Your Digital Marketing" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. Small Business Enterprises play an important role in many economies across the world including Australia. They contribute significantly to development, economic and employment growth. Due to the introduction of information communication technology, many businesses have embraced the use of Electronic Marketing (e-marketing) to market their products and services in order to grow in a dynamic way (El-Gohary 2010). Implementing e-marketing by small businesses, in this case, in Freshly Juice Pvt Limited is important in changing the nature and shape of its business.

There is the increased usage of the Internet and other electronic media in Australia and therefore use or e-marketing would create a lot of opportunities for Freshly Juice Pvt Limited and reduce its threats in the industry. What the business currently does Established in 2008 by a group of family members, Freshly Juice Company specializes in the production and supply of fresh juice in Australia. The Aaron family developed the idea of starting the business after gaining a lot of experience in the area of agriculture and marketing.

The company produces juice products from fruits that have a unique test. It focuses is to bring together the informal fruit sector that is highly fragmented. Freshly Juice Pvt Limited aims at providing more opportunities for the people whose source of living depends on agriculture. It also aims at promoting a favourable business environment and a sustainable livelihood for its stakeholders. The fresh fruit the company uses to produce different juice products is acquired from vendors and farmers within Australia. After manufacturing the juice products, they are distributed to different distributors and retailers within and without the region.

One of the outstanding products manufactured within the company is known as Newly Fresh. This product is made from fresh fruits picked directly from the plants by farmers. Immediately after the juice is produced, it is supplied to customers within eight hours through local distributors and retail outlets. Although the company is gradually becoming famous among customers across the region, there is a need to develop an e-marketing strategy that would help the company increase its visibility in Australia and across borders. Target markets The target market for Freshly Juice Pvt Limited will be defined based on geographic, demographic, behavioural and psychological factors within the market.

Understanding the value proposition of the target markets will help the company supply the juice products to the right customers (Larsen 2010). Besides reducing time and cost of marketing, the target market will enable the company to increase its sales. Geographic The e-marketing strategy will enable Freshly Juice Pvt Limited to reach the target customers from different regions within Australia. Therefore customers from all parts of Australia will be able to know about the existence of the company’ s juice products and where they can access them.

The buying behavior of customers is often influenced by where they reside (Larsen 2010). As such, although most customers will come from the region where the company operates, the company will also have the opportunity to increase its customer base by attracting more customers across Australia. Demographic The products of Freshly Juice Pvt Limited are designed to meet the demographic aspects of gender, age and family size. In particular, the e-marketing will focus more on young people from both genders who are in college and higher learning institutions.

This group of customers frequent uses of the Internet and other electronic media. The company recognizes that the needs of customers often change as they grow into maturity (Larsen 2010). The juice products are made with different taste to meet the different taste preferences of customers. Young people also tend to buy often, especially when they are attracted to a brand making then the best target group.



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