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The paper "Royale Chulan Hotel Marketing Strategy, Social Corporate Responsibility" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. The Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur is a great landmark in the hospitality industry in Malaysia. Its diversity in the number of unique provisions and executive services offered to all clients makes it an outstanding destination of choice by many people. Some of its adorable facilities include a vast outdoor pool with sun loungers, a well-stocked gym, reliable free Wi-Fi and free parking in the basement. In addition, it is pleasantly decorated with some natural colors, which just supplement the relaxed atmosphere in their spacious self-contained and well-aerated rooms.

To the visitors, the beginning of the day is marked by a hearty buffet breakfast, while the meals of choice are served in a timely and professional way throughout the day as clients enjoy the television channels of their choice on the mega-sized flat screens on the walls (“ The Royale, nd"). This proposal is engineered towards highlighting all the requirements that will make a wedding event held at this venue to be outstandingly successful. 2.2 Property Overview The Royale Chulan is a renowned five-star hotel among the premises of its class in Malaysia.

The building in which it is established was completed by the colonialists back in 1937 and was considered to be a high-class hotel by the colonialists, and an exclusive reserve for them (“ Find Hotel Chulan, ” n.d. ). It is located within the Golden Triangle District, at a distance of about 1km from the pavilion shopping center at Bintang and Kuala Lumper convention center. On its accessibility aspect, it is strategically located such that it only takes a 45 minutes’ drive from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport to arrive. 2.3.

Assessment brief The Royale Chulan hotel offers a number of services to their dear clients. These include exclusive holiday packages, holding international meetings as well as hosting events such as weddings, golf tournaments, swimming competitions among others. In order to hold a successful event at their premises, there is a need to book for their services, time and space in advance, way months before the due date of the event. This informs our early booking for the wedding venue five months before time.

This is because they usually have a busy calendar of events running from season to season, with their peak season being in the month of June and December. Their prime advantage that makes many to opt for their services is their high-quality services and remarkable hospitality. 2.4. Their Marketing Strategy, Social Corporate Responsibility and Recommendations This hotel has employed an online marketing strategy. They have placed their company’ s details and a list of services they offer on the internet and on social media platforms, whereby the interested clients may easily reach it.

This strategy has worked well and I would recommend them to continue using it. This is because it gives the clients an easy time while planning for the event, and also give a chance to the client to review them after they have been served. These reviews are very important to help the new customers make a decision on choosing them. While settling for them as our host, we considered these reviews from their online marketing platforms.


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