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Introduction Maasai Mara is a well known tourist destination for its scenery, wildebeest migration, the big five, entertainments and delicious cuisines. Apart from that, tourists also associate this destination with its rich cultural heritage as well as the warmth of the Maasai people. From the BBC documentary Maisai Mara wildebeest migration also named as the seven wonder of the world and relies on its tourism industry for a sustainable economy, creating jobs as well as to develop the quality of life in all regions. However, due to post election violence of that country in 2007/2008; its reputation as a safe and secure tourist destination has been blemished.

To counter the ill-effects of this unprecedented event the authorities have been trying to promote this destination through many events, festivals and activities such as the new YORK Maasai Mara promotional event, the Berlin event, London Maasai culture and Festival, Food festival, and many others. It should be noted only two communities, the Aborigine of Australia and Maasai of Kenya have kept their culture without changing for a long period. The authorities have extended its efforts to promote this destination through more innovative modes like television, actress endorsement as well as Public Relation (PR) campaigns.

Unfortunately, all these efforts are not sufficient to boost tourists’ motivation to travel to Maasai Mara. The present report is an attempt to plan such event/s that can augment the efforts being made by authorities and other authorities to promote Maasai Mara as a tourist destination. Discussion Intention to organize one distinctive event that can provide a positive trigger for the tourism industry that is already reeling under intense pressure.

The organization of Maasai Mara traditional and wine competition is to promote Maasai Mara as a tourist destination. Since Maasai Mara is already an internationally recognized tourist destination we are simply trying to revamp its image among prospective tourists. The ratio of domestic tourist vis-à-vis foreign tourists in Maasai Mara is quite balanced as an impressive number of domestic tourists from various districts of Maasai Mara keep on visiting Maasai Mara round the year. Given the large number of local tourists, it is very important to focus on this target group to establish Maasai Mara as the tourist hub.

Although this group spends less than its international counterpart, it provides a local tinge to the tourist landscape thus attracting international travellers to the place. The big influx of the local tourism help the local economy more as the tourist movement from the interiors triggers positive business gains for smaller players in travel and transport business. However, due to floods domestic tourism was adversely affected as the road and rail link between central region and northern regions was blocked temporarily(Getz, 2007).

Ritual-oriented festival tourism: Cultural impacts The impacts of these festivals are many for example they can be social, cultural, economical, environmental, political and sustainable. The social impacts of such a festival are very strong. This can be seen by how people get to come together and socialize together. People from different cultures and countries come to this functions they get to interact and also get to share different ideas that others may not have in their cultures. People also get to find their long term partners in such festivals therefore bringing about the ability of a decrease in tribalism and racism.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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