Essays on Project Evaluation Western Sydney Airport - Cost vs Benefit Case Study

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The paper 'Project Evaluation Western Sydney Airport - Cost vs Benefit" is a good example of a management case study. Projects have been a better method of ensuring service provision to the public by the government. Western Sydney airport project was to provide for communication and transport issues in the city. It was proposed due to some social challenges faced in the town and its outskirts. The traffic had grown rapidly due to the increase in the electromotive and personal vehicles. The airport seeks to provide cheap means of transport as it also generates revenue.

In order to pursue these projects, the evaluation was found necessary to determine the viability, reliability, and relevance of the project to forecasted stakeholders. Cost vs benefit is a thus vital task to determine the benefits vs damages associated with the project. Introduction Evaluation is a technique used in project management to determine the viability of a given project. It enables the concerned parties and the stakeholders to be ascertained on costs and benefits associated with the particular projects. The costs include any expense incurred either to put up the projects, (inputs) and the effects associated with the project under stake which can be described to be either financial.

On the other hand, benefits are the positive outputs, the services and products to enjoy from the project are termed to be either economic benefits or effects. Projects are important activities in our lives since they involve the reduction of cost by efficiency in production due to budgeting. This paper is a report devised in a way to show evaluation on the project western Sydney airport in the terms of cost vs benefits to the society.

The costs and benefits of this project are to be presented in a chronological order to determine the worthwhile and economic importance of putting up the western Sydney airport. Cost-benefit analysis is also used to show the relevance of the project to the community and stakeholders. This study emphasizes the values i. e. costs and benefits to occur by partaking in the project western Sydney airport project. This project was suggested for implementation after research in the society in public sector provisional services in 2011. 


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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