Essays on Achieving Personal Goals Essay

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The paper "Achieving Personal Goals" is an outstanding example of an essay on management. The report looks at analyzing the personal development plan by focusing on different areas that will analyze the current workplace, its role, and activities, and the manner in which the overall process of working within the organization gets affected. Analyzing the different factors will also help to chalk out a future plan and will throw light on the direction which has to be followed for maximum effectiveness and achieving the personal goals. Time Management Skills The time management aspect is an area where I have looked to lay a lot of emphasis on as it helps to gain efficiency and increases the chances of being able to accomplish the task quickly.

To ensure that the work gets accomplished within the stated time frame I have ensured that I start early which provides some buffer time and ensures that in case some objects use more time then I am still provided with the opportunity to complete the same within the stated framework. In addition to it, I also look to have a backup plan which helps me to make the necessary adjustments and will thereby ensure that I am able to complete the entire work within the stated time. In the future, I would like to shape up my time management skills by trying to be more effective as I will look to identify ways that will help me to work in the most efficient manner.

This will help to bring the required transformation in my working style and will help to develop the required flexibility through which better results will be achieved.

This will be matched by a plan which would already include the different gaps and try to fulfill all the gaps while carrying out the activities. This will thereby help to shape my performance and will help to manage my time effectively. Setting & Meeting Expectations I look to set very high standards for myself and based on it I look towards accomplishing the goals. While looking to set goals I also ensure that the goals are achievable and are realistic. Further, the goals are set in such a manner that it motivates the team including me, and bring about a coordinated effort through which effectiveness and style of working improves.

An important consideration that I make while setting goals is that I ensure that I have the required resources at my disposal which will enable me to work in a coordinated manner and increase the chances of achieving the goals. This is supported by the fact that the entire goal or objective is broken down into smaller goals and based on the skills and talents of each employee within the organization and group the task is allocated. In a similar manner, I expect my team to work hard and being truthful to whatever exercise they carry out.

I also ensure that the work allocated to each person within the group is according to their skills and qualities. This helps to ensure that the work allocated to the members can be achieved and provides the required scope through which all the employees within the organization can contribute positively towards the goal.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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