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Word Count 3142IntroductionThe report concentrates on marketing strategies and other operational activities that enable a firm to have active presence in the market. The steps taken to intervene in the problem and the discussions about the operational strategy models are present. The suggestion of strategies is in the part 2, according to data supplied and the analysis. Literature ReviewAccording to well-settled market leaders in electronic operating systems, the innovation in the electronic operating systems helps in consolidating market for any company. As per this model and successful strategy adopted by Valtronic Technologies, the electronic technology can contribute to life by refurbishing or changing the lost functions using miniatures systems.

The next step after selection of technology is the excellence in presentation of a product. Many industry leaders believe that the refurbishing of lost human functions in the product is a clear way to make the product excellent in its range. The search for excellence in products involves the multidisciplinary competencies. This involves the adaptation to the human and participation in the early definition of the system with the customers.

This allows any company to understand the objectives, constraints and the risks implicated to derive the final product. This strategy involves building skilled creative teams that manage number of aspects of a project. These range from definition of product to final implementation in production. Good quality management system and teamwork leads to the development of an excellent product. The improvement of knowledge and skills allows any company human resources to develop and challenge new ideas that enable them to reach objectives. (Valtronic Technologies, 2008)In order to reach objectives, the four-stage model is relevant to electronic industry like HES.

In stage one, Hayes cites Slack and Lewis, the operations level contribution can be enhanced by enhancing the capability of operations employees. In the next stage, the operations function are made externally neutral by comparing with competitors. The next stage is to develop operations resources to excel in features and finishing offered in the product. The goals and strategy to achieve them are important at this stage. The last stage is about external supporting. The above three stages should make the operations creative and proactive.

The innovation in operations is developed giving competitive advantage. (R. H. and Wheelwright K. B.C, 1988)In implementing this model the culture of the firm and resistance to the change are necessary to consider. One important aspect is to enhance quality in operations and products as this is less resistant to change and develops a good culture. Deming’s 14 points are helpful in enhancing the quality and in developing good culture. They try to bring quality through reduction in statistical variation and improving productivity. The 14 points involve 1. Long term commitment, 2.

Building of quality into the process, 3. Developing individual inspection, 4. Innovating the purchase decisions by including the supply network, development and organisation, 5. Identifying the problems, 6. Implementing the training for quality testing, 7. Human centred approach, 8. Removal of fear in employees, 9. Elimination of barriers between departments, 10. Specific methods to demand higher productivity, 11. Enhanced performance standards 12. Workmanship 13. Development of institute education and self improvement programs, 14. Creating a management structure to take care of above mentioned points.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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