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The paper "How E-Marketing Is Beneficial" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. The website's evaluation was conducted with the main aim of establishing whether they meet the requirements for their respective classes of E-commerce. The evaluation found that the Marketo website is of acceptable standards and meets the basic standards for a B2B website and seems very professional. However, it was found that it lacks in a few areas that were recommended for upgrading. The website online interactive chat function is not working and is permanently on offline mode which means accessing urgent information from the website administrator may prove to be impossible.

The second function not properly integrated into the website is the screenshot function which allows only a few snapshots to load. This was recommended for an upgrade since it might cause the company customers to trust and consequently losing its credibility. The bestwebbuys. com website is fairly good in that most features of a B2C website are incorporated including customized search engines though it was found that despite serving the purpose it's not up to standards. It was recommended that the interactive session box be made functional and the screenshots are properly done with the recommended design tool rather than copying and pasting. Evaluation Criteria The evaluation method employed in assessing the two sites involved a comparison of each site's basic feature with the standard requirements features of the same.

The main focus points were according to ease of navigation, attractiveness, security and privacy features, availability of search engine catalogs and volume and amount of logically arranged informational data. In addition to that, there was also the element of online interaction for urgent information.

The Marketo. com, B2B, website scored well against the criteria compared to the best web buys. It is from the comparison that the recommendations were made. Introduction Every company’ s desire is to outreach as many clients as possible in order to remain relevant in the business field. With many companies mushrooming, most organizations are always on toes to have an upper edge in the competitive world of their operation. This has seen an uprise in modes of marketing products with E-marketing being one of the tools that organizations are using.

This paper, therefore, seeks to look at how E-marketing is beneficial by looking at the performance of two selected companies Literature review The advancement in technological innovations in today’ s world has affected the process of business transacting in the global market. Computer technology has transformed markets into the electronic age. Due to this, products and services are easily accessible and their delivery is carried out within the shortest time possible with as simple as a button click. It is from the concept of easy and faster accessibility of buyers by businesses and accessibility of products and services by buyers, that the concept of E-commerce was born.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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