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Classic cabinetsIn the contemporary society, we have various opportunities that businesspersons can take up and make numerous gains. However, we are living in dynamic, complex, and confusing environments. The rate at which the society is changing is so fast that mangers are eventually liable for making logic of their business efforts. Over the years, furniture has been the center stage of home and office decoration as they give the first impression of the place. This combined with other beliefs and customs have prompted so many companies to enter into various fields of the industry hoping that they will be the best in the market.

Others start as small individual businesses before growing up to regional, national, or even to international producers and manufactures (Gold et. al, 2001, pp 66) Many entrepreneurs achieve success because of their dedication, commitment, creativity, innovation, and outward look of the management team and the individual desires. Most of the small-scale crafts persons enter into this business as a way of survival and once they get their daily satisfaction they do not want to put more efforts and creativity into the business to make expand.

On the other, some few-focused individual enter into this enterprise with well-defined goals of being a producer of scale furniture and cabinet accessories. This group will always succeed since almost every new building need these items and there is no day that the furniture will lack the market. It is therefore, appropriate that focused entrepreneurs pay close attention to the incident and market trends, which are directly associated to the organization’s capacity to compete. A strong management will always endeavor to support the initiative that workplace multiplicity offers cost savings, pulling, and preserving talent and propelling business growth (Williams & McWilliams 2010, pp.

45, 56-57 & 247). Classic cabinet is one of the companies that started as a craft shop. Its initial objectives were to undertake and address the needs of the enlarging Vietnamese community in the Southeastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Chinh and Anh applied the first resources to the production, which were their skills and capabilities. Chinh was a master cabinetmaker while Anh was a professional interior designer. These were the skill necessary for initial execution of the venture since they were able to handle few basic concepts on the manufacturing processes.

These system of using the available resources in business leads to cost advantage in production since there will be less expenses incur on salaries and wages. As the company’s reputation increased there was, need to change the production systems and include economies of scale whereby the operation was to increase in production volumes. This strategy led to customers requesting for more personalized and reduced priced products. The company had the ability to adapt quickly to customer’s request.

The company has employed short customer response, high flexibility in production planning and control (PPC) into their system to increase their efficiency and handling processes. The flexibility is visible from the way the two managers handle their operation. From the skills they had, each has some other specific roles, which came as a by the way and no one they are comfortable their derived roles. This ensures smooth organization, management, and coordination of activities enabling the industry to increase its efforts focused on individual production (Stich et. al, 2009, pp 4).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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