Essays on Integrated Marketing Communication Plan for the Water Recycling Company Case Study

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The paper “ Integrated Marketing Communication Plan for the Water Recycling Company" is a  great example of a case study on marketing. This report involves an integrated marketing communication plan for a company that is dealing with the recycling of wastewater to be fit for human use. It has four main sections. It starts with an introduction as well as the history and some facts concerning the town where the problem of water is faced as the first section. The second section involves the target population. The populations that are targeted as well as the areas in town which are need of the water are well explained.

The third section involves the four communication objectives in details. The fourth section deals with the strategies that will be used to achieve the four objectives with reference to the target population and the mass media that will be used in the advertisement. Then there is a conclusion and the list of references. IMC is the initials for the integrated marketing communication, which entails integration and coordination of all the company’ s or organizations communication tools involved in the marketing, functions, avenues as well as the sources within the company into its seamless program (Larry, 12).

It entails the management of the relationships with the customers through ensuring the brand value is good through the process of proper communication. It ensures the efforts are geared toward the achievement of cross-functional kind of process, which will lead to a very well nourished and profitable relationship with the stakeholders and the customers. There are four main components of integrated marketing communication. The foundation entails the corporate brand and image management; it also entails issues like the behaviour of the consumer as well as the opportunities for promotion (Don et el, 50).

Advertising tool entails management of the advertising, the designs of the advertisement, types of the appeals and theoretical frameworks. In addition, the issue of advertisement designs is catered for in this component, message strategies, execution frameworks, and the selection of the media as well as the media selection for the advertisement for the purposes of enforcing the brand and the image of the firm. The other component is the promotional tool, which involves the consumer promotions, trade promotions, database marketing, personal selling, and management of the consumer relations, the public relations and the sponsorship programs.

The last component is the integration tools which involve internet marketing, integrated marketing communication for the entrepreneurial ventures and small businesses, programs for the integrated and evaluating marketing (Terence, 200). 1.1 Background of the city and issue of the water recycling This integrated marketing communication entails the development of a plan for a town called Malaba with an aim of solving the existing problem with the drinking water in that particular town.

The cause for the water problems is due to the long and extended seasons of dry climate and at times, the communities around the area are said to abuse the available drinking water in the area hence leaving the community with no clean and safe drinking water. Malaba is a town that has an approximately area of square 500 km2. It is locater in the in United Arab Emirates is dry and hot with a maximum temperature of over 40% in some months like July and August.

The average rainfall is about 120 mm which falls in very short torrential. This is one of the greatest challenges in that such climate really affects the health of people and animals as well as the condition of growing their feeds and food for the people due to the lack of water. Politics and the governance of United Arab Emirates is yet another factor likely to cause an effect in the efforts of availing the water for the communities. This is because most activities are governed politically.

For instance, the office of the prime minister has been bestowed a great responsibility. In addition, the issues of finances (treasury) are politically sorted. The area has had a history for problems with the lack of clean and plenty water for a long time. A number of problems associated with the health of the people due to poor sanitation as well as the consumption of unclean water has raised the attention of the people and the town at large to the issue or the problem the community is facing now.

According to the public health acts, water and clean water for that matter is the most important commodity for the survival of all human being in the town as well as all other living things. There are now places the community can easily access clean water so it is very important for the used water to be recycled to ensure there is minimal waste. There are some advantages of the process as well as some disadvantages. Some of the pros include economization of water, it also reduces the strain of the water treatment plants, the water can be used for farm uses and it enables people to save the little available clean fresh water bought in the shops for other uses like cooking and drinking.

The disadvantages could be if a mistake is done during recycling the water is not fit for human consumption then it can really cause problems to the human beings in terms of the ill health also the people may not use the water since they may find it unfit for use according to their perceptions and attitudes.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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