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Executive SummaryThe most valuable asset of any organization is the work force. This mainly because the work force determines the company’s productivity. The Human resource administration of a company plays a key function in developing and maintaining human resources in alignment with the specified job descriptions. The objective of this paper is to present an analytical report in reference to a case study of the Catastrophe concepts marketing team. The case study on Catastrophe concepts marketing team necessitates the intervention of human resource management strategies. The analytical report presented in this paper gives a critical and introspective outlook and solutions to the presented case study. In reference to the case study on Catastrophe concepts marketing team the problems identified revolve around the global economic crisis, absenteeism of a sick employee and excessive work load.

This department is faced with solid competition in its line of practice. The staffs in that department are as well pressured to meet the market standards. As a senior human resource officer, I was requested by Mr. Chapel to address the issue in order to produce a lasting and amicable solution to address the situation facing the company at this particular time.

My recommendations are that the company’s leadership should come up with different strategies of coping with the global economic crisis other than downsizing some of its staff. It is also important that the human resource management of the company should equip its staff by providing optimum training in their varied line of work as this will ensure that the remaining staff in the department will be able to cope and generate productivity in different tasks even in the absence of key role players.

Moreover, the management should cut out unnecessary tasks and prioritize work or even solicit for temporary replacement. Analytical ReportIntroductionThe work force or the human resource of an organization is the most valuable asset, this is mainly because the persons in the alleged organization work individually and collectively to achieve objectives that are essentially profitable to that organization. The Human resource management of an organization plays a paramount role in developing and maintaining human resources in tune with their specific job descriptions (Horner 1997). Furthermore, the human resource management works to ensure that the work force is motivated to achieve their work targets and enhance their performance.

This task is in most cases actualized through trouble shooting and finding amicable solutions. Trouble shooting generally entails the human resource team identifying challenges or problems that face work force. Thereafter, the management team embarks on finding solutions and initiatives that could tackle and address the issues or challenges facing the work force (Cole 2004). The current global economic crisis has with time posed great challenges to a range of companies and organizations.

It has brought about sudden fluctuations and irregularities in the prices of basic products. Additionally, the global economic crisis has greatly disoriented the market. Consequently, a number organization have been forced to down size their work force, cut costs or even change certain aspects of their strategies. As a result of the global economic crisis the work force has been in turn affected directly or indirectly. For instance, in organizations whereby down sizing has occurred with the aim of cutting off costs, the remaining employees are faced with the challenge of taking heavy work loads or handling tasks that are out of the scope of their job description.

Apparently, as a result of these challenges the intervention of the human resource management is necessary since the continuation of these trends could be injurious to work force thus affecting the productivity of the alleged organization (Aghazadeh 1999).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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