Essays on Visiting Venice - Guide to Places of Interest and Travel Plans Assignment

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The paper “ Visiting Venice - Guide to Places of Interest and Travel Plans" is an inspiring example of an assignment on tourism. There are a thousand reasons as to why one would choose to visit Venice. The city is breathtaking and truly romantic, especially for couples. The city rests on stilts and consists of a maze of islands, brides which totals to over 400 and also canals. In all the six quarters, that is; Santa Croce, San Polo, Cannaregio, Castello, San Marco and Dorsoduro, one can easily access Venice.

Lack of motor vehicles in the city also makes one have a pleasant and unique experience in Venice as it is the only city in the world where it is purely a pedestrian city. Gothic, Renaissance and Byzantine styles which can be traced back to the 15th century dominates the landmarks in Venice. In this itinerary, we are going to consider two kinds of couples. One couple is old or otherwise visible achievers and they would like to spend their holiday in exquisite places where they will enjoy top of class services offered in Venice.

Throughout Venice, they aim at educational trips and ones in a while activities that will keep them busy. The other couple is young or otherwise young optimism and they have come to spend their honeymoon in Venice. In this trip they are to be cautious about their budget hence in planning for their excursions, we are supposed to try and limit where they go and focus on the places that will not need a lot of spending. In choosing the places they are to go, the itinerary has incorporated activities that will revolve around romantic sites and the places they are to go should be more of adventure rather than educational.

To make sure that both couples do not regret on their visit to Venice, the itinerary is going to ensure that they visit Venice’ s major attractions some of them being the Grand Canal, the museums that have a great attachment to Venice history and not forgetting St Mark’ s and its environs, Veneto hills and the major islands surrounding Venice. In this report we are also going to consider the 7 P’ s used in marketing giving a justification as to why the places were chosen for either couple A or couple B.

In the conclusion, the report incorporates recommendations on the areas discussed.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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