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IntroductionHuman Resource Management is a very integral part of every organisation. Every organisation has a department that looks after recruiting, selection, training and development of the employees. The role of human resource increases with ever increasing competition. It is very imperative that organisation has the right workforce so that the resources could be effectively utilised for the development of the organisation. The role and scope of human resource has increased with developments. It is important for organisation to see that this department is performing its duties towards the wellbeing of the organisation and if any changes are required it should be dealt with.

The report looks into the HRM strategies and plan than needs to be considered for organizations that are undergoing change. Adhering to the plan and analyzing the smaller factors will help to improve the effectiveness of the human management process and will guide the work force better. The report provides the different areas that need to be looked into to ensure an effective change. Organizational ChangeOrganizational change is a process which business units alter from time to time to ensure that they are on track to achieve their goals.

(McNamara, 2008) This change could be in any direction like change in process, employees, technology or any factor that has a bearing on the performance of the organization. Organizations look forward to this so that it increases the ability of the organization to produce better result by improving the resources and abilities. This increases the efficiency and different organization look it in different ways though the crux of all remain the same. (McNamara, 2008) Using change specialistChange in organization can be small ones and major ones.

When an organization looks towards a minor change the change is accompanied within the organization by taking the staff within the organization. Structural or major changes are those which require a lot of information and hard work to ensure efficiency. To avail the maximum benefit from those organization look at external sources as they are people who have the required skills and can play a major role in shaping the manner of change. Using a change specialist help the business organization is a number of ways and also brings certain problems along with it.

Organizations need to gauge both the benefits and drawbacks and decide the manner in which change specialist can be used. Change specialist are person with “specialist knowledge and skills” (Mary, 2010) who can give the necessary impetus to the management. This can motivate the organization and their readiness to change becomes easy. Issues that organization undergoing change need to addressOrganization looking towards change need to change the focus and provides the necessary impetus which will help the organization to deliver better services and pursue its objectives.

The following issues need to be addressed through changeFirstly, to clearly define the goals and the process this will lead the organization towards achieving those. (Seel, 2006) This will improve focus and will help organization to be able to deliver better services

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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