Essays on Assessment Item 2Analytical Report Assignment

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Executive SummaryIn the following report one will analyze the problems that currently characterize the operations and their management in the Colonial Savings Bank of Queensland given the nature of their processes and the current trend of feedback in their context. The report will be created keeping in mind the services blueprint and the service-profit chain, along with the basic principles that characterize the process of operations management in a bank. The idea here is simple-in an effort to remain systematic and in-sync the services of the bank are current coming across as being bureaucratic and archaic with each process being long drawn and difficult rather than being user friendly and accommodating.

This will be analyzed in the report with the help of the use of the theoretical concept of the services blueprint. Each one will then be understood in the context of the process of operations management and then finally results will be reviewed and recommendations made in the context of the service-profit chain. 1.1 Introduction: Colonial Savings Bank of Queensland has seen phenomenal growth in the recent past but is now suffering from issues related to consumer feedback in the context of its operations management strategy.

The following report will look a correction of this strategy against a backdrop of the theoretical issues that establish the problem and comes up with solutions for these problems in their entirety. 2.1 Change Management Strategies2.1.1. Service BlueprintA service blueprint offers to visualize the service designer’s concept and therefore serves as the basis of a customer oriented as well as provider-oriented process organization. It portrays the service system and its processes by chronologically depicting the steps of service delivery and the activities of the customer contact points, as well as backstage activities and further supporting service elements.

Not only does the service blueprint provide a helpful method for the documentation of the service by illustrating it as a picture map and thus creating process transparency. It can also be used as a tool of analysis for the identification of fail points, as well as a tool of service planning and design. A physical product cannot be manufactured without detailed construction specifications. 2.1.2.

Basics of operations ManagementTherefore the production of goods usually involves a resource record, a product plan with material listings or a recipe formula with ingredients, components and manufacturing methods. Likewise, the production of services requires a systematic procedure that is based on process modules as the core element of services which is the purpose of a service blueprint. The services blueprint is focused on structuring all activities of a service process according to their degree of customer proximity and customer integration or speaking from a more active angle from the client’s perspective.

The terms customer integration or co-production refer to the notion that services performance implies the combination of the service provider’s internal resources with the external resources from the customer’s side that is, the customer in person, information data or the right of disposal. 2.1.3. Client IntegrationEqually the client mostly participates in the service performance any delivering and contributing his/her resources in the service performance by delivering and contributing his/her resources (Lovelock and Young, 1979; Mills and Morris, 1986). Offering a whitewater rafting tour for instance, the service provider cannot perform the service without the presence and participation of the client.

It is of particularly high relevance for service design and delivery and that the customer’s integration be taken into account in all elements of the service and throughout the service process (Brown, Fisk, et. Al., 1994). The service blueprint maps exactly where and when the customer’s integration needs to take place in this process.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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