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Essays on Assessment of Unilever's Interactive Marketing Activities, Interactive Marketing for Consumers, Top Interactive Marketing Trends Facing the Industry Case Study

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The paper “ Assessment of Unilever’ s Interactive Marketing Activities, Interactive Marketing for Consumers, Top Interactive Marketing Trends Facing the Industry” is an excellent variant of case study on marketing. Interactive marketing is the latest trend in companies all over the world. It is important to relate with customers and form an emotional bond to trigger brand loyalty in the customers. Interaction is important to give a face to the usually faceless companies and the importance of developing a corporate personality is all the more necessary. Unilever operating in the FMCG industry has been into interactive marketing for a long time and realized the importance of connecting with consumers and customers.

This assignment is an analysis of the issues involved in interactive marketing. The company chosen is considered to be practicing interactive marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) even before these terminologies came into being. Top Interactive Marketing Issues and Trends Facing the Industry The industry of FMCG’ s is essential and important to the consumers and producers both. Companies like Unilever who have a number of influential brands often disappear in the shadows of their own brands so enhancing corporate personality is essential.

Interactive marketing helps companies enhance their image in the eyes of the customers. The trends and issues faced by this industry are as follows: Corporate Personality: Since ages companies have gone faceless and never paid attention to the corporate personality. But now is the age of advanced communication and consumers are aware so companies have to relate with their customers emotionally. To relate and give a human face to the corporation it is important to maintain a corporate personality. Online Marketing: The internet has conquered the world and everything has been brought on the web.

Interactive marketing is feasible over the web and business to consumer relationships can be developed via the web. E-commerce and E-business applications are essential for business-to-consumer relationships and also business-to-business relationships for companies. The software has been developed for interactive marketing. The CRM software is essential for companies to maintain business-to-consumer relationships and E-business applications like the Intranet and Extranet links via the web or the internet. Human Filtered Search: Companies in this industry are into customer relationship management and interactive marketing but such attempts can only be possible if the organization has substantial information on their customers.

This information can be found on the internet. Contentcasting: This is the latest buzz in marketing and it helps to interact with the customers indirectly. This is when companies broadcast or put up content online and then spread it via word of mouth. Customers get to hear about it via the grapevine and they check out these blogs, podcasts or castings themselves. Contentcasting is enabled by Really Simple Syndication (RSS).

The customers subscribe themselves to these feeds and automatically gain access to the information via the feed. Really Simple Syndication (RSS): This is the latest trend in interactive marketing and it eliminates the need to find and visit web pages to search. The customers subscribe to the RSS feed and any blogs, images, videos are sent to this feed so the customer does not need to search since they have access to it all and can choose to check out any of them. Online Identity Shifting: Individuals have two lives in today’ s world; one is practically in the physical world and the other is online.

All individuals have personalities and views to share online. Consumers discuss their favorite and worst products online and at times they serve as brand ambassadors for their favorite brands by advertising the product via word of mouth. Mobile communication: The world is growing to be digital more than ever and mobile phones are now the most popular device and companies are moving towards purchasing through mobile phones. Airline tickets can be bought via cell phones now and many other things.

Unilever itself has also made an attempt to sell via mobile phones. Online Media Marketplace Changes: The trend of cost-per-click, cost-per-lead and cost-per-action has become common. These help in identifying potential and actual customers. Customers often see the ad and visit the site but buy later via the web. CMAT: This is a customer management assessment tool that is a software that helps to manage the customers effectively. CMAT is essential and important for interactive marketing. It is being used by all companies from various industries. This illustrates the details of CMAT.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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