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Title: Analysis and evaluation of the coke soft drink design and development process. A product of a Coca-Cola multinational Company. (2012)INTRODUCTIONThis project will highlight the basic principal of product design and development with a clear focus on the design and production of the Coke soft drink, a product of the Coca-Cola Company. Various stages of product design and development at the Coca-Cola Company will be discussed at large. Each stage of the project will be explained with examples on how the Coca-Cola Company does it. In concept development, the paper will look at how the Coca-Cola Company identifies customer needs, establish target specification, analyze competitive products and generate product concept.

It will also elaborate on how the company refine product specifications and perform economic analysis. There will also be a clear explanation of system-Level Design, Detail Design Testing and Refinement and the Production Ramp-up where the paper will show how the company train the work force and align them in the production setup and also identify any remain problems. DEFINITION OF TERMSi) Product development This refers to a process of making a new product to be marketed by a business organization to its clients. ii) Design Design refers to the processes involved in making the distinctiveness or general image of the product.

It gives the product a shape or architecture that makes the product what it should be. iii) Development Development on the other hand refers to the overall collection of processes of identifying the market openings, creating products that conform to the market needs of the identified customers, testing and modifying the product until it meets the intended customers. iv) ProductA product is basically an item produced by an organization for the purpose of marketing to a given identified niche.

Examples include engineering products, computers, washing machine, books and musical instruments among others. BACKGROUND INFORMATION The Coca-Cola Company is one of the beverage companies that manufacture, distribute, and market the soft drink that is non-alcoholic. The Coca-Cola drink was invented by a pharmacist called John Stith Pemberton in the year 1886. it has more than 200 bottling franchises worldwide; the company’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Thomas and Whitehead in 1899 acquired a license to put on the market a product called Coca-Cola.

In the year 1901, having no capital to launch their own manufacturing plant, the two hatched a better solution which was to award Coca-Cola product to franchises with massive techniques and plants for production. Though the Thomas-Whitehead collaboration broke within one year, their prudent idea of franchises was a massive success. By the year 1919 there were more than one thousand franchised Coca-Cola bottling companies. The franchise bottling prototype created by Thomas and Whitehead conveyed Coca-Cola to an enormous market. The company hence fully uses franchised distribution system where the Coca-Cola Company only produces syrup concentrate which is sold to various bottlers throughout the world.

The company also enjoys trademark that is recognized worldwide, irrespective of the language printed on the bottle. The Coca-Cola Company logo for 1940Being the best beverage producing and distributing company, the Coca-Cola company has been very successful in the global market. Market analysts have associated the success to variation and diversification of product market.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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