Essays on Turbo Exhausts Production and Operation Management Case Study

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The paper "Turbo Exhausts Production and Operation Management" is a good example of a case study on management. As a growing organization in the manufacturing industry, Turbo Exhausts is facing a challenge in increased demand for its products. The company initially specialized in the design and production of custom made high-performance automotive extractors and exhaust systems for Holdens and Ford in the motor racing industry. However, with the growing opportunities, the company changes its factory location from Homebush to Blacktown and later increases its production line to cover the automotive aftermarket in Australia.

The company’ s opportunities are further boosted by the contract with The Performance Shop which places the firm’ s product at a more national platform. Despite the contract being a growing opportunity for Turbo Exhausts, it introduces production capacity and financial constraints to the company. However, diversification and the ability to satisfy a range of markets has made the company to attain a solid base in the industry. At a glance, the SWOT analysis of the company shows that Turbo Exhaust products are its greatest strength, the production capacity as the main weakness, demand is the key opportunity, and inability to meet the increasing demand and likely loss of market share being a major threat.

The advantage of the Turbo Exhaust current situation is that its opportunities and strengths surpass the threats and weaknesses if only a timely diagnosis would be done. The current constraints may lead to dire consequences to the company if not addressed in terms of its market and production efficiency. Turbo Exhausts employ two main production processes, job, and flow shop. Both methods use general-purpose equipment and the same skilled personnel.

At the onset of the company, the job shop production method was used for the manufacture of its custom-made high-performance automotive extractors and exhaust systems specialty. Later on, flow shop also known as batch production method was employed in the production of the private motorists (off the shelf) products. The ‘ off-the-shelf’ product requirements were designed into a standardized line of performance extractors and exhaust systems that were not tailored to specific engines.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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