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The paper "Delivering Customer Service" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Business Plan. Starbuck Australia plans to implement a range of new products to its product line this product will be aimed at acknowledging and targeting the company’ s younger customers that are under eighteen of the Australian population. The new product to be introduced by the company will offer more to its target population that is the children. The product is named Starbucks flavored. Starbuck's aim is to offer more to their target customers; this will be gauged based on satisfaction levels and the refreshments they get after taking Starbucks flavored.

Based on market research the company seems to be the pioneer in targeting young degeneration, thus as a pioneer the company will be able to have a greater number of customers prior to other competitors in the same industry. The company target group comprise of children who are above two years up to around eighteen years so of whom may be at the time attending school. The beverage will be suitable to be taken together with the snacks at home and even at school.

Their behavior towards the intake of the beverage will be determined solely by their parents. Marketing will be carried out and it is expected to attract a considerable number of customers within the first few years. Background information Starbucks first opened its doors in Australia in the year 2000 in New South Wales at a place called Hyde Park and in 2002 the company started offering fair trade certified coffee to its customers (Starbucks Australia website 2012). Starbucks is the market leader in the coffee industry and its ability to innovate and introduce new products in the market places it in a better position when introducing Starbucks flavored in the market.

Starbuck offers the best quality beverages around the globe and has excellent customer services. The company’ s mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit. Target market The target market for Starbucks flavored is young children and mostly those attending school from those attending preschool up to those attending colleges. Based on the age group been targeted the company will aim at providing a product that will offer a range of nutrients to the target group which will have an impact on the healthiness of the individuals consuming them.

Starbucks flavored will be served in such a way that it suits children at all ages this will be done by offering the amount that each age range is supposed to consume and how often they can do that. Starbucks flavored will be made in such a way that it has very low levels of sugars in them and at the same time, the fat content will also be minimal this will adversely reduce the health risks associated with the consumption of high-fat content and sugary products. Risks involved in marketing Starbucks flavored One of the major risks facing Starbucks when they are marketing Starbucks flavored coffee drink is the loss of some customers.

This is solely based on the fact that some customers do not approve advertisements that are targeting children thus they may tend to shift to other coffee companies who do not make advertisements to entice children.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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