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The paper "Basic Stress Management Strategies" is a great example of a term paper on management. Every human being has encountered stress in his/ her life. Stress refers to when one encounters mental or emotional difficulty or suspense. As far as the victim feels this emotional feeling, there are various healthy and profitable approaches to contracting with it as compared to others. According to Olpin & Hesson (2013), he states that any external factors that tend to destabilize the normal functioning of the human body get termed as stress.

Part of his article states that stress is a fundamental reason as to why we as human beings find a way to move forward and carry our daily chores. As much as some articles view stress to have positive impacts on human lives, the same articles state that too much stress could be fatal and urge that it is advisable if the pressure gets maintained at equilibrium or even maintain the zero percent stress-free. When fighting weight, Seaward, (2011) suggests that the victim should be able to distinguish between the stressor and the stress itself.

Stressors are the primary causative agent that always stimulates pressure in a human body while stress is the outcome of the stressor. If one gets exposed to too many stressors that means that the person will experience too much stress. In regards to Smith (2008), he states that stress affects the manner in which human being reacts to fight and flight. Fight and flight are the responses triggered after being threatened or faced by any danger for instance being attacked by an animal. The manner4 in which you will react to this condition is viewed as a type of stress since it involves the physiological and physical state.

From the scientific point of view, we get to learn that when a human body gets stressed, the following happens: - • Blood strain goes up • The mode of air intake becomes very fast • Food digestion becomes slow • The pulse of the heart system begins to beat very fast • The body muscles begin to tense • The victim has no sleep


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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