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The paper "Enhancing Employee and Organizational Performance" is a great example of a Marketing Research Paper. The report is a market research plan for a ZARA which is a retail shop dealing with Spanish clothing and accessories. It is aimed at establishing customer service feedback. The concepts of a mystery shopper will be used for the purposes of collecting the data. However, some concepts of qualitative research will also be used during the analysis of the data. The data collection will involve fieldwork where the mystery shopper will be required to visit the retail shop and operate as an ordinary customer.

However, the mystery shopper will be collecting information during the process. The data analysis will be carried out after the collection of data. Some statistical analysis will be carried out in order to interpret the data. The limitation of the study is however on the method of data collection which may not be effective and accurate. It is recommended that ethical considerations and professionalism should be involved during the process. A well-designed market research plan is useful to an organization for the purposes of making informed decisions regarding the business.

This is because it provides the managers with the data that is required for the purpose of making informed business decisions. The market plan also plays an essential role in ensuring that the business is able to increase its sales, revenue and customer awareness. Spotting problems and uncovering unmet marketing needs can also be achieved through the use of a market research plan (Tzabbar, 2012). This is considering that problems hinder the growth and development of a business and hence impacting negatively on the aims and objectives of the business.

The market demands also determine the ability of the company to meet the needs of the customers. On the other hand, the insights of how products and services are perceived by the customers can only be obtained through the use of a well-designed marketing plan. The direction required to take in order to improve on the performance of the business can, therefore, be taken in the presence of a well-designed market research plan. The feedback of the customers can also be determined through the use of a market research plan.

This is useful in the retail market with mystery shoppers. The feedback can be used for the purposes of making decisions on how to improve the products and services of a company (Chang, 2013). ZARA is a Spanish retail shop that was founded in 1975 and it deals with clothing accessories. The paper is a report of a market research plan for ZARA retail shop in relation to customer service feedback using the concepts of a mystery shopper and focuses group. The market research plans intend to address the customer service feedback for the retail shop.

This is through the use of mystery shopper concepts. The market research plan aims at determining the feedback of the retail shop in terms of customer service. This involves how long it takes for the retail shop to respond to the feedback of the customers and also how the company treats the feedback of the customers. Through the concepts of the mystery shopper, the research will also intend to determine the efficiency of the ZARA retail shop in dealing with the customers.

A focus group will also be used for obtaining information by engaging freely with the customers in an informal way in order to gain their views regarding customer feedback at the retail store.


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