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The paper "Project Management Excellence" Is a great example of a Management Case Study. The case study that was carried out was all about change, it revealed that change is two-way traffic, which is success or failures which can be achieved in the long run. Change management was defined as an approach that is structured with the aim of shifting individuals, teams, and organizations to adopt a new state of taking things. It was found out that change is determined by communications. From the case study, it was established that when one is leading towards the achievement of change, over-communication does not occur in a way, this was be achieved through learning.

In efforts to reaching into a good strategy for change, there were assumptions that were reached as follows: the statement change should demonstrate clarity and brief to the point. Within the short statement, a description was made in order to illustrate illustrating how success would be attained in the organization. Secondly, the massage should also clearly identify how employees will be interested and how the plan will promise them comfort at the workplace once it has been done (Anderson & Anderso, 2010). After the elements have been met, targeted constituencies who are expected to receive the message are then provided with change management communication plans.

The representations of these are not only made using functional units but also using organizational chart being assisted by people in the stated functional units. In order to develop a good change management communication plan, there are a number of steps that were seen to be of importance in coming up with a successful change management plan. First, it was clear that one should fully be aware of the change adoption curve, and plan communication strategy accordingly.

At this point, the best practices are adopted so that a change coalition will be built. It is also important to build a communication campaign basing on several campaigns that are in mind. Basing on the issues to be addressed, the group to jointly as a group can be determined. Through the case study, the importance of innovators was highlighted. In relating to this group they are that group of people who naturally try new things.

Despite the fact that the group may not achieve what they want, they will have at least tried something new. Such individuals are found in nearly every group but in a small percentage. For instance, in any change that has been successfully made, the innovators had proposed even the managers could even get the idea on how to make it. They would always fall onto the side of the manager so as to push for a change through their convincing powers are very low. This is the group that is targeted so as to communicate their ideas and their practices will be fully put in place (Kaufman, 2003). Adopters were identified as the third step in the plan as per the case study.

These were people who were regarded as opinion leaders. It was this group that people seek to know if the kind of change intended would be worth doing. The group was influential but not as adventurous as innovators. They were supported by the fact that what they ought to put in place they ensure that they were worthwhile.

It was their belief that if the change was put into place, then it would have many important things than how it was being perceived. In trying anything new, it was the role of this group to open the gates of change.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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