Essays on The 7 Ps of Services Marketing in regard to the Freedom Australia Company Case Study

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The paper "The 7 Ps of Services Marketing in regard to the Freedom Australia Company" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   For any business which provides goods and services to consumers to be successful, it must have an effective marketing strategy and plan. A marketing strategy acts as the foundation for ensuring the success of a marketing plan. Behind every successful corporate organization, there lies a strategic marketing plan that has been designed to help the company breakthrough and thrive in the market. A marketing plan usually contains a list of actions that are to be followed by a business so as to be successful in the market.

The marketing plan is likely to be ineffective if it does not contain strategies of how the plans will be executed. A marketing strategy is, therefore, an outline of how a business plans to execute its marketing plan. The 7 Ps of marketing are described as frameworks which can be used by businesses to build up their marketing plans. A business needs to have succinctly defined business objectives that will direct it towards catering for the direct and indirect needs of its customers.

These seven Ps of the services market include product, price, promotion, place, people, processes and physical evidence. This report analyzes the tourism ventures of the Freedom Australia Tourism Company by breaking down these ventures into the 7 Ps of services marketing. This paper further gives recommendations for the 7 Ps of services marketing in regard to the Freedom Australia Company. Introduction Freedom Australia is a renowned tour operator based in Australia and New Zealand. The company deals with all issues related to holidays, including offering holiday destination sites, holiday planning services, holiday consultancy services and other touring services.

Freedom Australia is known for its variety of services which include accommodation, road touring, rail touring, flights with worldwide stopovers and tailor-made holidays for its clients. As part of its diverse accommodation services, Freedom Australia has spacious apartments suited for large families that want to have a homely holiday experience away from home. The company also provides romantic island resorts for couples who might need convenient romantic spots to share their time.

There are also superb hotels for the normal holiday experiences and provision of accommodation away from home. At Freedom Australia, customers are given a wide range of choice to pick the exact experiences, tours and accommodation that will suit their unique needs and blend these services together to form a perfect holiday experience. As part of Freedom Australia’ s marketing strategy, the tour company lets the customers pick and choose exactly what they want to do during their holiday. In other words, clients are given the opportunity to choose the activities that they would love to be included in their holiday package and the staff at Freedom Australia will do all the work of arranging all the logistics involved in making the holiday successful.

The Freedom Australia personnel arrange everything for their clients after they understand the type of holiday and travel experience that a particular client is interested in. The company aims at meeting the unique needs of all its clients because it respects their diversity and tailor makes all its services in accordance with the unique requirements of its customers.

This essay applies the 7 Ps of services marketing to Freedom Australia in an attempt to highlight how the tourism company markets its products.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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