Essays on The Operations of Volta Mining Limited Assignment

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The paper "The Operations of Volta Mining Limited " is an outstanding example of a finance and accounting assignment. Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems (OSHMS) play integral roles in the effective running and management of a firm’ s operations. It is a verifiable method of managing hazards and associated risks. This has the effect of lowering employee absenteeism at the workplace, increasing productivity and job satisfaction. In this section OSHMS will be developed based on AS/NZ 4804 and AS/NZ 4801; which offers direction on the applicability of OSHMS and their incorporation with other executive tasks.

It is vital to comprehend that proper execution of an OSH administration plan should guarantee that the business unit conforms to pertinent OHS rules and codes of practice. An OHS policy, OSHMS planning, implementation and evaluation will be presented in this section with reference to the operations of Volta Mining Limited (involved in the exploration of gold). OHS Policy Based on AS/NZ 4804 and AS/NZ 4801 for Volta Mining Limited The aim of the OHS policy is to provide a safe, healthy environment and experience for the employees, customers, and other third parties affiliated with the organization (the general public and the environment).

The policy sets regulations required to promote conformity with OHS policies and interrelated ethics and business principles. This policy is established to ensure that employees, supervisors, customers and other third parties are provided with a safe and healthy work environment so as to reduce health and safety risks. Volta Mining Limited has to provide its stakeholders (employees, supervisors, customers etc) with appropriate guidance and training in the identification, assessment, and control of hazards in the premises of the organization.

It is an expectation of the organization that all stakeholders will cooperate with the established OHS protocols, take responsibility for their own actions and not put themselves or others at risk. OHS issues noted will be taken seriously and addressed on time to alleviate the risk of injury.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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