Essays on Progressing a Sustainable Business Agenda - Marriott International, Inc Case Study

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The paper "Progressing a Sustainable Business Agenda - Marriott International, Inc " is a great example of a business case study.   Marriott International, Inc comes out as one of the leading lodging companies across the world. The company did start its operations in 1927. As a critical hospitality industry, Marriott operates more than 4,200 properties across 79 nations. The company focuses on utilizing people as the core of its organizational culture in pursuit of competitive advantage and sustainability (Jones, Hillier, and Comfort, 2016). Evidently, the company has been able to offer quality services and opportunities to people of diverse lifestyles. Marriott has been able to adapt and incorporate the reformist approach for the progress of sustainable development.

This is through the integration of numerous initiatives in the sustainability strategy such as creation of resource-efficient hotels, generation of job-readiness training to the youths, empowerment of the business entities through the supply chain, and innovation conservation creativities (Williams and Millington, 2004). The purpose of this report is to help Marriott International to progress its sustainable business agenda. The report will determine where the organization sits in the Dunphy phase’ s model while making substantive recommendations on how sustainable business principles should undergo integration in the organization’ s strategy. Dunphy Phases Model Dunphy focused on the integration of six critical phases of sustainability.

These stages include rejection, non-responsiveness, efficiency, strategic pro-activity (sustainability), and the sustaining corporation (Dunphy, 2003; Benn, Dunphy, and Griffiths, 2006). The report will focus on the utilization of the phases in this model in the determination of the position of Marriott International. Position of Marriott International on the Dunphy phases model & Justification In the Dunphy’ s phase model, it is ideal to demonstrate the fact that Marriott International is at phase four, which associates with efficiency.

The objective of the phase is to enable the company to reflect growing awareness on the part of the dominant elite in the corporation regarding the presence of real advantages through the proactive institution of the sustainable practices (Dunphy, and Griffiths, 2006). The phase associated with systematic approaches by the company or institution to incorporate diverse human resource functions in the HR system with the objective of reducing costs, as well as an enormous increase in efficiency. Additionally, Marriott International has been able to view employees and other stakeholders as a significant source of expenditure in the level of production.

The institution engages in diverse community projects in the form of the CSR programs to improve the image and reputation of the firm. Ecologically or environmentally, the institution has been able to view poor environmental practices as causes of avoidable costs (Dunphy, and Griffiths, 2006). Marriott has been able to review diverse ecological issues, which generate costs with the objective of reducing them while increasing efficiencies through the elimination of waste. Implications of the Position The position of the company in this model has been critical in enabling the organization to improve its image and reputation as an environmentally friendly entity in the hospitality industry.

For instance, the position contributes to improved support to the organizational transactions while enabling the firm to reach beyond the doors of the hotels in the preservation and protection of the universe, as well as its resources (Marriott, 2016). The company has been able to engage in the reduction of its footprint while constructing more sustainable buildings.

Furthermore, the institution has focused on integrating our supply chain more environmentally conscious, thus, the platform to support innovative conservation initiatives and inspiring the associates, as well as guests in the course of supporting the efforts. Marriott has been able to utilize the position with the intention of addressing the set of 17 SDGs to end poverty while fighting inequality and injustice in the midst of growing climate issues or global warming.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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