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The paper "Administrative System and Business Profile - Myron Burger & Sons Ltd " is a perfect example of a business case study. Myron Burger & Sons Ltd is a human resource development company founded in 2000 focused on providing consultancy services in human recourse performance dynamics; team-building strategies and helping corporate organizations to align their business strategies with market demand and trends. After its founding, the business has continued to grow its brand as a preferred consultancy firm on issues of human resource management and helping organizations conduct appraisal programs as a way of ensuring optimized human capital development, Myron Burger & Sons Ltd has diversified its services to include financial services such as auditing, development and implementation of financial systems, and offering an array of financial consultancy services such as investment, budgeting, and planning services.

Myron Burger & Sons Ltd is headquartered in Cincinnati and has a total of 15 outlets throughout the state. In the past two years, the company has been on an expansion program seeking to increase its market base by at least 30 percent by opening 10 additional outlets throughout the country. Being a consultancy organization focusing on human development and financial services, Myron Burger & Sons Ltd depends on the consultants some of which it outsources depending on the project it is engaged in so as to ensure that it provides the best services for its clients.

In addition to this, the company also has a very robust workforce that is highly diversified and well balanced to ensure that it meets its mandate in the market. The organization has a robust corporate culture that is shared throughout its workforce having its operations run and managed to two levels; at an executive level and at a managerial level.

At the executive level, Myron Burger & Sons Ltd has a board of directors constituting the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the chairman, the secretary, and the finance director. At the managerial level, Myron Burger & Sons Ltd has three departments – the human resource management department, finance department, and operations department each of which is led by a manager in charge of running the department.

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