Essays on Non-Profit Organization - Recruiting Volunteers, Choice of Partners, Salaries and Resources Assignment

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The paper “ Non-Profit Organization – Recruiting Volunteers, Choice of Partners, Salaries and Resources" is a thrilling version of an assignment on business. Partners should share the core values of the organization. These values determine how the Company interacts, communicates and runs to achieve its objectives. For instance, if the organization has projects that aim to protect the environment, then every individual must share the same values. Potential partners’ core values should be aligned to make sure that all business partners are on the same page. Communicating effectively with your partner is essential for decision making, setting objectives and advancing the organization.

If you get a partner who is reluctant, combative or unable to share your viewpoint it will be hard to succeed. Find partners who are skilled and have experience in the nonprofit sector. Great business partners should have the expertise that supports and compliment your own. One person cannot master all the things involved in nonprofit organizations. In case you possess great interpersonal skills but inadequate finance skills, find a partner who has great business accounting skills. Great skills will help the nonprofit organization grow and operate effectively. A nonprofit organization partner should have financial resources.

People experiencing financial crises are not the ideal choice to start a non-profit organization. Finances, assets and time management skills are essential for a non-profit organization and an individual who has grossly mismanaged their personal or Company finances has no skills or discipline to manage a non-profit company. Such partners may look for an opportunity to steal from your organization to solve their personal financial issues. A partner with a powerful business network, industry links, or client list can enhance the value of your organization and increase your chances of attaining long-term success. Select partners with good personal and business ethics.

Enter into the nonprofits sector with a partner you can trust. Search for people who value honesty. Choosing partners poorly can result in theft or fraud cases or breaking laws that can get your organization into legal trouble. Look for people who regard rules, regulations and personal boundaries. Integrity is a critical quality to instantly identify. A partner with a great level of integrity is reliable and you can advance the nonprofit organization together.

It takes time to great judge of this characteristic. Respect is also a necessary factor in creating a successful partnership. Never form a partnership with an individual that you have no respect for. The principle purpose of creating a partnership is to attain success as a team. It is hard to value opinion and efforts of a person you do not appreciate. You also require partners who give you respect. Find people who are confident in their own abilities. Individuals who need constant support drain and gradually slow down the organization's growth.

Ensure that you choose individuals who have displayed the ability to operate under minimal supervision. When making major decisions in recruiting partners understand the difference between a job and holding a responsibility. A partner who is responsible will ensure the organization projects are done perfectly. Question 2Higher salaries in non-profit organizations can result in conflicts particularly when the organization is trying to handle unmet societal needs. Nonprofits also experience ethical issues concerning benefits for employees and volunteers. For instance, is it right for volunteers to take a few items while sorting through non-cash contributions?

Is it right for employees to accept gifts or meals from beneficiaries or clients? Trivial expenditure can also pose considerable issues of principle or public perception. Perks and great travel budge have given to non-profit employees and their volunteers frequently raise ethical issues due to such generous compensation while the organization’ s social needs suffer as a consequence.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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