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The paper 'Tourism and Entrepreneurship Challenges" is an outstanding example of business coursework.   Tour-Australia is a tourist firm based in Australia. It has been continually in the industry for a little under 20 years. With this, it has increased the resources that are at its disposal. The company as such has also attained global recognition and status it has in the past also received awards in response to this. This denotes the vast experience that it has gathered in the field. In response to this, it has achieved massive development.

This is because the growth and development have not only been in the customer numbers but also in the employee numbers. There has however been stagnation in the levels of income that are made by the company (Jared, 2003). Over the recent past, the incomes and the numbers of the customers have been on a constant level and no increase whatsoever. In response to this, the company has sought to redesign the components of the business. This is in order to see to it that it can make adequate returns from the operations. The key reason for the focus on this organization is the fact that despite having massive resources at its disposal, it has not been able to convert them to returns for the company.

The resources as such are not being well utilized by the company. While some resources are being underutilized, other is being over-utilized. This as such has had the effect of reducing the overall returns and proceeds from the use of the resources of the company. The value for the money of the company is not being attained as such (Champy and Nitin, 2006).

The result of the undertaking of the redesign is to see to it that the company makes all the returns that are possible for the attainment of its objectives. This is also in order for the company to be able to counter the competition that is present in the tourism industry. This competition has resulted in a decrease in customer numbers. This decrease has on its part, had an effect on the reduction in the returns that are made by the company and the profits from the operations. There are, however, some reasons that have contributed to the success of the company.

These factors need to be maintained to see to it that the company continually makes adequate returns from its operations. The first factor that has resulted in this is the high quality of services that are being rendered by the company. The company has stood out from the rest in the offering of exemplary high-quality services to the customers. The high quality has resulted in the differentiation of the services. It has as such acquired recognition from all the stakeholders of the high quality that it has continually offered.

It is the desire of all customers to receive services that are of high quality. With this, the company has been able to attract customers. The other area where the company needs to maintain is by being socially responsible for its services. The company has been socially responsible for being able to take part in the affairs and the welfare of society. With this, it has been involved with the general society of ensuring the high levels of environmental hygiene.

This has been through such things as the elimination of pollution to the environment. Pollution has resulted in environmental degradation. The company has in response to this, involved itself with the society in the prevention of pollution to the environment. This has made people from society become fond of the company. They as such consume its products and services. This has had a long-term effect on developing the relationship that exists between the company and society. This has in return been translated to the returns and the profits made by the company.


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