Essays on Consumer Decision-Making - Toyota Camry Case Study

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The paper 'Consumer Decision-Making - Toyota Camry" is a good example of a management case study. Consumer behaviour has a role in determining the manner in which people are persuaded and guided towards purchasing a product or services. The behaviour of consumer gets influenced due to different internal and external factors as each factor has a role in determining and shaping the demand pattern. The customer buying process is thereby dependent on the different process which is as Problem Recognition This is a situation which highlights the imbalance which has been created between what the customer wants to purchase and what he actually has thereby created a problem which exposes the different stimuli so that the different needs can be fulfilled Information Search When the problem is recognized customers started to search for relevant information pertaining to the product or services.

The customer uses both internal and external sources to find out the required information. Evaluation & selection of alternatives The customer searches for different options and alternatives and evaluates all of them so that the best possible one can be taken. This helps to analyze the different options which are available before arriving at a decision Decision Implementation This is a phase where the final decision among the alternatives are made and the customer based on the different needs and requirements selects the options which he seems to be the best one. Post Purchase Decision The post-purchase decision helps the customer to evaluate whether the decision was correct or not and looks at evaluating the options based on the fact that whether it resulted in low purchase involvement or high purchase involvement so that the future steps and directions can be developed accordingly. Section II – Selection of Product, Segmentation & Positioning Selection of Product The product which has been examined so that the role internal factors have on them can be identified is Toyota Camry.

The need for a car is usually dependent on the psychological need of the customer as having a car fulfils the utilitarian need of the customer. People looking to purchase Toyota Camry look at fulfilling their esteem needs as they have a special status in the society and look towards achieving those needs (Kotler & Armstrong, 2006).

Since Toyota Camry is aimed towards high-end customers the same has been priced in that segment. Highlights of the level of involvement The different factors highlighting the level of involvement with the product is Perceived Risk Toyota Camry through its different product attributes, marketing mechanism and design has looked at determining the manner in which the level of involvement is garnered. The process has become efficient for Toyota Camry because of the level of involvement of different people while looking to purchase the product has provided the room and scope through which better needs of customers are satisfied. Past Experiences This is in addition to the past behaviour and experience which guides people towards purchasing the different products so that customer buying behaviour gets influenced and a need or urge is created which will help to satisfy the different level needs of the customers.

Learning also has a role in shaping the manner in which a customer makes a decision regarding a product or services. A customer who has undergone good experience will be guided to purchase the same product again and again. This is in fact supported by recent experiences as customers’ recent experiences guides them more compared to past ones as the recent experiences are easily remembered and guide people (Hawkins, Best & Coney, 2006).

Toyota Camry has looked at ensuring that the customer's experience gets enhanced and has developed their marketing strategies accordingly. Toyota Camry apart from the product offering also looks at providing after-sales service which has created a positive impact on customers and guides people.


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