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The paper "Implementation of Assignment Timeline" is a perfect example of a management assignment. The first section will show the implementation of the breakdown of work for the successful completion of the assignment. This is important in the sense that it will enable the people involved to be able to fully implement the assigned timeline. This is done by using agile development and time boxing April 13th, 2011 The planning of the agile development Timeboxing Prototypes April 14th, 2011 Prototype usability Demonstration of the proposed system Demonstration of user interaction April 15th, 2011 Architecture in development and environmental implementation Process and documentations April 16th, 2011 Function ability of the prototype for the registration of the per owner Review of a prototype for the pet owners register Project plan using timeboxing There are various stages of time boxing and these start from kick-off towards the close out with three steps in between which are investigations, refinement, and consolidations As shown in the table below. Kick-off investigation refinement consolidations closeout   The kick off-plan is where people meet to form a development team to understand the objectives of the time box and be able to accept and implement.

The main purpose of this is to ensure that there is a common understanding, the feasibility of the time box and what can be the expected outcome, acceptance of the criteria.

It is also used to review and access the availability of the team members and dependencies and also the risk involved. The investigation stage details all the products required including the agreement of the qualitative and deliverability of the time box. Refinement is where the development and testing of the time box are done and agreed priorities implemented. Consolidation is where loose ends are tied to ensure that the products all meet the accepted criteria. Closeout is the rolling out of the time box and acceptance of the implementations. In the time box implementation, there should be increment which should give the user something that is useful in its own self and have maximum functionality and this should be done in different time boxes and each should contain three main iterations to identify, plan implement and review the concept this is done in three steps first ids to investigate the results that are expected from the time box.

Secondly to refine the results and thirdly to consolidate the result Prototype requirements’ Table First in order to be able to build a prototype you need to be able to build a model that is easier to use.

Most models change along with the dimension of abstraction, formality, or level of details The diagram below shows the model to be used by K U management for its client database. Registration number name type user owner 1st release 1,2,3 Prototype A Registration and details of the owner stored in an accessible central database Administrator Director 2nd release 4 & 5 Prototype B Input and list of appointments for the next week Administrators, Nurses and the Vet Director 3rd release 6 & 7 Prototype C Staff and clinic information and particular Administrative assistant and system administrator Director 4th release 8 Prototype D Report on past appointments System admin and manages Director Prototyping is important in the sense that it will demonstrate to the client the functionality of the system and enable the implementers to rectify any misunderstanding which may arise.

It also enables the implementers to identify the requirements which were missed before and any difficulties in the interface. It also tests the feasibility of the prototype. Class diagram of the proposed system The class diagram should be compartmentalized in several manners and it should show all the process which will be implemented by the prototype system. Architecture There are different types of environment which might be used to manage the database these include the use of the computer of filing system although the computer is turning out to be the most suitable mode of operation since it can be connected to the central database.

The design and page layout are also easily accessible. The project for Ku pets should be aimed at centralizing all the functions of Ku clinics in the UK and should enable central access to all administrative staff in a sense that if a pet’ s appointment was booked in one location when the pet owner books into another clinic his details and that of the pet will be readily accessible to the person who is booking the appointment at that time. An interface prototype should be able to have the requirements with the most used rule being the MoSCoW rule which is the acronym for the most important rules of must-have, Should have, could have and won’ t have this time. The MoScoW rule should basically be used when filling out the information forms.



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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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