Essays on Organizational Beliefs and Managerial Vision Assignment

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The paper "Organizational Beliefs and Managerial Vision" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. To provide an avenue for the continued prosperity and perpetuity of a business venture, it is important to recruit candidates who possess some key traits some of which are outlined in the following paragraphs. The aspect of responsibility is one of the basic traits that potential candidates should possess for consideration of a career in business today. It is important for any recruiter to recruit personnel who are seen to be decisive and reliable (Westner, Markus and Strahringer, Sussane, 2008, 18).

The candidate should be seen to be capable of embracing critical thinking and in the conduct of his or her duties. He or she should demonstrate a capacity to be rationale and independent in their thinking and action. Taking full responsibility for their actions is one of the mechanisms that should be used to gauge these candidates. If the potential candidate cannot take responsibility for his actions, then he shows a deficiency of character that is a key component of the business candidates.

If they do not meet these thresholds, then they do not fit to be further assessed for qualification as business candidates. Another fundamental characteristic that the potential business candidates should possess is sufficient academic qualifications. It is important to have candidates who are well conversant with their field of study. A business person who has the trait of responsibility as discussed in the preceding paragraph as well as having the academic qualification that is suited to the specific field in which he or she presents herself or himself for assessment could be a desirable candidate.

According to Van Den Steen (2005, 257), employers look for those candidates who have demonstrated a capacity to have a balance between the academic world while at the same time. Candidates should also possess the desire to keep on studying to keep themselves abreast with the current trends in the business industry. Every employee, potential or already in employment should have his or her own level of ambition as well a motivation. In other words, the potential candidate should be in a position to have a self-motivation factor. If one is not motivated at the onset, then he or she is not fit for the business profile.

The business world is one of the most competitive industries and as such, the personnel who get into this industry must be very well versed with the dynamics of the industry. And on top of that, they should be capable of mastering and crafting their own future by unleashing their motivation. A person who possesses a strong outgoing character is also desirable for consideration as a potential business candidate. Being extrovert, outgoing and likable while at the same time maintaining the professional touch is a desirable trait.

A business candidate should be able to invoke seriousness in business while at the same time allowing room for being likable.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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