Essays on TNA Company New Markets in Malaysia and Vietnam Case Study

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The paper "TNA Company New Markets in Malaysia and Vietnam" is a perfect example of a case study on business. Firms go global for various reasons but mostly for expansion or growth. When a firm looks for new markets overseas, a global strategy may help expand as well as diversify the business. Without a doubt, operating in foreign markets can help a company increase profit and reduce costs. With the view of Vietnam and Malaysia markets, TNA will find it cheaper to recruit locals because they offer cheap labor.

The report seeks to exhibit that Malaysia is an ideal market for TNA because of various advantages such as skilled and high-quality labor and a sustainable economy. Clearly, Malaysia is an advanced country; thus, making it more appropriate for various forms of investments. On the other hand, Vietnam is Asia’ s latest market with a high level of investor enthusiasm, which to some extent is inflated. However, Vietnam’ s market is weakened by the country’ s feeble judicial system and lack of contract enforcement. Therefore, TNA will experience some difficulty in handling the Vietnamese bureaucracy, and operating in the underdeveloped financial system will pose more challenges.

This report examines Vietnam and Malaysia as the potential markets and provides viable recommendations that could help TNA improve its sales and marketing in these countries. 2.0 Introduction The author argues in a well-organized manner that TNA is the world’ s leading supplier of integrated food processing as well as packaging solutions having more than 14,000 systems in various countries across the globe. Furthermore, TNA offers different types of products such as packaging, processing, materials handling, and so forth. The innovative technologies have enabled the company to achieve flexible, more reliable, and faster food products cheaply.

Both Vietnam and Malaysia are suitable markets for TNA since they offer the potential for improved profit, provide new business opportunities, and would enable the company to gain market dominance.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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