Essays on Building Effective Teams and Teamwork Assignment

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The paper "Building Effective Teams and Teamwork" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. As competition increases in the world, today organizations and leaders recognize the need for teamwork more than ever before. Through collaboration, individual outputs can be expanded by teams. Working in teams becomes the standard for the organization when employees decide to go that way. An employee works confidently in teams and increases the organization’ s productivity with the support from the higher-level management. Managers are today assigning employees with more team projects to develop their skills and strengthen their knowledge.

A recent study showed that working in a team increased employee productivity compared to an individual. This part of the paper will review three articles related to building effective teams and teamwork, the area of the development of my skills. These three articles are (i) Factors influencing the effective performance of university student teams by D. Caspersz, M. Wu and J. Skene, (ii) Towards High-Performance Software Teamwork by Emily Weimar, Ariad Nugroho, Joost Visser, and Aske Plaat, and (iii) Factors Influencing Teamwork and Collaboration within a Tertiary Medical Centre by Shu Feng Chien, Thomas TH Wan, Yu-Chih Chen.

The main key words considered for both articles are teamwork, teamwork factors, and performance. Context Although both the articles focus on the influence of teamwork on work performance, they are presented in a different context; healthcare, university and software development. Weimar, Nugroho, Visser, and Plaat e in their research show that cooperation within software teams influences software quality to a large extent. They have provided a relation between teamwork and software quality stating that during the software development process, there is greater human interaction in the form of a team.

This makes it important to understand the influence teamwork has on performance. Casapersz, Wu, and Skene assert in their article that despite the opportunity for developing and gaining teamwork skills many students don’ t take their project teams seriously when working on assignments.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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