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The traits, skills and behaviors associated with successful leaders that bill possess; There are many traits, skills as well as behaviors that successful leaders possess which help them in influencing those that they lead. Without these skills and traits, one can not be considered an effective leader and will most likely face resistance from those that he/she leads. Such skills and traits include honesty, being courageous and straight forward, integrity, vision among others. The traits are of great help in helping one become an effective leader. The following are the traits, skills and behaviors of successful leaders that Bill possessed prior to his promotion to a leadership position. CompetencyA successful leader is competent in his area of expertise although he/she does not have to be the foremost expert in the entire organisation.

The people being led have to look at the leader and see the reason why he/she is in the leadership position. Demonstration of competency helps in boosting a person’s leadership influence. Before being promoted to become the technical support team leader, bill had demonstrated his level of competency. He had worked in the same department for three years prior to his promotion.

He had worked very hard to develop the technical skills for answering calls and the interpersonal skills for communicating technical solutions to customers. He had trained with the manager who was very experienced and competent technical specialist (Richard, 2010). He modelled his own skills on those of his manager and worked diligently to handle most jobs with the fewest mistakes and even fewer complaints. His level of competency is also seen in the fact that the management had the courage of assigning him extremely difficult tasks such as handling customers disconnected for not paying their bills at the right time. b) Honesty The mark of a successful leader is behaving honestly and with integrity.

Honesty and sincerity helps others in gaining confidence in the leader. Bill posses the trait of integrity prior to his promotion. The management must have been convinced of his integrity and honesty prior to promoting him. In fact, his promotion was due to his hard work. He was not the kind of a person to wait for supervision so as to work.

While most of his core workers handled only forty to fifty technical jobs, bill routinely handled ninety or more jobs. His honesty is also seen in the level of confidence that the management placed on him as to trust him with handling extremely difficult calls. This shows that they had confidence that Bill would be able to hard such difficult tasks without affecting the company’s image. c) Good interpersonal/communication skillsA successful leader is a person, who likes dealing with people issues, can initiate and deepen relationship with others.

In other words he is a person who can build a team and achieve impressive results (Robert and Christopher, 2009). Being able to establish good relationships with those being led is an essential leadership quality. Bill possessed very good interpersonal as well as communication skills prior to his promotion. Since his joining the company, he had worked vey hard to develop the technical skills for answering calls and the interpersonal skills for communicating technical solutions to customers. He not only cleared his work on time but also assisted other technicians in clearing their backlog.

Furthermore he had developed excellent relationships with all the customers. No wonder the company frequently gave him the extremely difficult task of handling customers disconnected for not paying on time. Although the work was extremely fast paced, Bill still found time for joking and having fun with other technicians and he had strong friendship with other workers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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