Essays on Building Organizational Culture for High Performance Case Study

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The paper "Building Organizational Culture for High Performance" Is a great example of a Management Case Study. The report shows that there is a problem that is experienced at BSG LTD. It shows that there are several problems in the company. The report tries to address these problems and find permanent solutions. BSG LTD has over the years recorded diminishing profits. This is because of the fact that there are very many firms that offer stiff competition for the company. The general economy is not helping as individuals and companies battle with the high cost of living.

This has greatly increased the overall cost of production of goods and services. This then requires them to be sold at a high price. BSG LTD has numerous internal problems that contribute to the negative results experienced. The employees that work for the organization have not forged on a united front for the company’ s sake. They are not satisfied with the current organizational culture and they are therefore not committed to their duties and responsibilities. This factor brings forth a very weak team that is not keen on company advancement.

All this is coupled with the fact that there is absolutely no trust between the employees and their employers. This creates room for constant theft of company resources. The company continues to lose many of its employees, who look for other jobs elsewhere. The report aims to show what should be done to reverse the current trend at BSG LTD. It aims to highlight the importance of organizational culture and what should be done to retain the positive effects that are encountered in the organization. Introduction The report aims to educate all interested parties at BSG LTD of the negative trends at the company and their effects.

A conducted survey has realized that there are very many internal factors that contribute to its current poor ratings. The report aims to find solutions to the internal problems that are experienced by the company. This is in relation to the management and all the members of staff. The report aims to answer this question: what can be done to correct the current situation in relation to BSG LTD internal affairs?

It is evident that there is a need to improve on very many aspects of how the company conducts and operates its affairs. There is a need for the entire BSG team to work together for the company’ s benefit. There is an urgent and desperate need for a united front which will propagate all the goals and objectives of the company. Benefits of a Strong Organizational Culture Every organization is bound by certain codes, values, and cultures. All these enable it to have the ability to carry out its set mandate.

Without these set issues it would be practically impossible for organizations to make profits, train and retain their staff, and expand their businesses. Culture consists of very many elements in society. It is mostly concerned with human behaviors and their general ability to conduct themselves in certain ways. It highlights and emphasizes the need to follow strict set practices from time to time. This is because of the benefits that accrue from sticking to the set practices (Khan 2010).


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