Essays on Designing Performance Evaluation for Nescafe Production at Nestle Case Study

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The paper 'Designing Performance Evaluation for Nescafe Production at Nestle" is a great example of a management case study. Many business organizations today apply performance evaluation systems to manage their operations and maximize their profits. Performance evaluation programs are not only beneficial to the managers, but also to the company’ s employees (Capko 2003, p. 43). These programs provide managers with an opportunity to assess and ascertain the efficiency of the employees who work under their supervision. Evaluation appraisals assist employees to gauge their efficiency and to check how career and goal-oriented they are (Rao 2004, p.

2). This report outlines the aspects of performance appraisal and how it is applied to various organizations. The report contains a well-designed performance evaluation for Nescafe production at the Nestlé Company. The report also identifies how the performance evaluation is instrumental to food and beverage as a business unit strategy of the company. Lastly, the report outlines the benefits that the company can obtain from using the evaluation system in its management. Food and Beverage: Business Unit Strategy Nestle is an international company with a Swiss headquarters; the company trades in products that are related to health and nutrition.

Nestle is the main branch of the Nestle Group, which is composed of the associated companies, subsidiaries, and joint ventures that are distributed all over the world. The company’ s products are majorly divided into liquid and powdered beverages, milk products, water, nutrition, prepared dishes, and pharmaceutical products among others (Wit & Meyer 2010, p. 786). The main business unit of Nestle USA is food and beverage. Apart from the food and beverage unit, other product lines of the company are Nestle Nutrition and Nestle Waters.

The company, through the food and beverage unit, owns several brands of beverages that are consumed internationally. Some of these brands include Nescafe, Nestea, and Nesquick. These brands generate huge income for the company. For instance, in 2007, each of these brands generated close to 1 billion CHF. The company produces beverages that reflect the tastes of the locals of the areas where it operates (Hill & Jones 2010, 441).


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