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Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction As per my personal experience and understanding of the issue, I believe that the following list defines the5 most important factors which lead to employee job satisfaction. 1. Compensation. 2. The work itself 3. Job security 4. Relationship with co-workers 5. Feeling safe in the work environment Compensation is one of the crucial motives for employees to work. The compensation should be enough to keep the workers engaged and satisfied. If the employees are not paid good or as per their workload and expectations, dissatisfactions may arise and they might leave the job.

Compensation is ranked 3rd in the SHRM survey, however, I personally believe that good compensation leads to employee satisfaction and they compromise on other weak factors like work load or poor working condition if they are compensated at a higher level. The main reason for choosing ‘the work itself’ as the second most important factor of employee satisfaction is the fact that one needs to be competent, qualified and comfortable with the work he is being paid for. If the work is of the nature that does not meet the expectations or skills of the worker, dissatisfaction would definitely occur.

It is, however, ranked on the 9th position in the SHRM survey. The possible reason for this dissimilarity of results with my personal opinions might be due to the nature of work I am involved in. My current job responsibilities do not coincide with my qualification and the work stress related to my job responsibilities further make it difficult for me to be satisfied. Job security is another factor that leads to employee job satisfaction. It is ranked at the top in the list prepared by SHRM’s survey.

The possible reason for the difference in the ranking may be the increasing unemployment and poverty which makes employees more and more sensitive about their jobs. In such circumstances, job security plays a vital role in gaining employee satisfaction with their jobs. Relationship with the co-workers is an important element of job satisfaction when employees have to interact with them often. SHRM do not place it in the top five factors contributing to the employee satisfaction. This may possibly be because of the working techniques.

I have placed it in the top five list due to the work technique implemented in my workplace. We work in teams and often interact with each other for official work. This leads to good relationships, disputes and other issues which directly affect the job satisfaction of employees. Finally, safety requirements of every individual lead to satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the workplace. Proper safety conditions and healthy working environment leads to greater job satisfaction. The more employees feel safe, the more they are satisfied. Their job efficiency and performance is also affected by the satisfaction over safe and secure workplaces.

SHRM’s survey coincides with this factor being the 5th important factor in achieving employee job satisfaction.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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