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The paper "The Ge Real Estate Company" is a great example of a case study on business, Ge Real Estate is one of the leading real estate businesses in the world which acts as a lending and investment business to the world. It finances property development at an interest rate to its customers. The development of a decision support system for the company is of great welcome in the sense that the overall managerial decision is improved and this enhances the integrity of the company. The decision support system is a situation of modeling data and finally making decisions basing your argument on the model data. For the company to make right decisions concerning its operations or general management it needs to ensure that the data in place is well collected for analysis and it should help them develop good business strategies for making the company command a great share on the global market.

The decision support systems are mainly applications of a computer coupled with the human resource for the analysis of the data of any given circumstance. Business goal Goals can be defined as the estimated results that an individual or a firm intends to achieve by the end of the stated time.

Goals act as a guide of action. The following are the goals of Ge Real Estate and their respective operations: The profitability of the business – it is the aim or the goal of every business to make a profit failure to which it will collapse. Since the year 2000, the firm has noted an increase in its profit. Ge Real Estate also aimed at obtaining a worldwide market share. This was achieved by opening many branches abroad and also by ensuring that it does a timely delivery of quotes and approvals. Ge Real Estate Company sought to identify business opportunities in the market so as to pursue them.

Like all other businesses that wish to expand, Ge Real Estate had to look for opportunities so as to expand its loaning activities. This was achieved through research and development to analyze the profitability of each and every deal. The satisfaction of the market situation The goals of Ge Real Estate Company managed to satisfy the market situation since it has managed to satisfy its customer’ s needs together with attaining a profit.

There are some needs that made Ge Real Estate fast improve its business performance. These needs include: The need to have an efficient and a system to track their project performance. Ge Real Estate Company is a worldwide investor had over 8000 buildings or branches all over the world and therefore the need to manage them properly which acted as a driving force to the improvement of its performance.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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