Essays on Environmental Pollution by Multinational Companies Coursework

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The paper "Environmental Pollution by Multinational Companies " is a great example of business coursework. Society on a large is giving stress to combat it and “ multinational companies are viewed with increased suspicion as they lack the economic concern for different regions which has forced climatic changes to take its toll” . (Multinational Corporations, 2009) This has raised alarms in the quarters of multinational companies and they are “ all poised to influence their power and expand and remove these barriers to international trade by devising mechanism which will help them curb those” .

(Multinational Corporations, 2009) Multinational companies are looking at different alternatives which will help them accomplish their tasks. For example, it is seen that “ paper industry is making a considerable effort to ensure that paper is recycled as it constitutes 25% of the landfills and recycling this by multinationals has ensured that resources are not wasted at the same time pollution is curbed” . (Keeble, 2010) This is a huge step which will help multinationals win back consumer confidence and ensure that pollution is reduced and global temperatures are controlled. It is also seen that multinational companies have to adhere to the different “ trading cap norms and ensure that the emission is within the limits prescribed by the rule” .

(Winston, 2010) “ The framing of rules by the government and different facilities norms to ensure that multinational and all companies look into it have helped” . (Winston, 2010) This is forcing multinational companies to plan and ensure that their objective is directed towards a mechanism which will help to curb pollution level. Another mechanism which is seen to be followed by multinational companies which will bring a check and help to find companies which emit more pollution is that “ multinational companies provide a detailed outline of the pollutants they released in the environment within 30 days if found guilty” .

(Pasternack, 2009) This will make it compulsory for multinational to keep a track in which work is carried out and this will ensure that pollution levels are controlled. Companies are also looking towards an environment which is pollution-free to improve their brand image. Multinationals are using this as a mechanism “ to ensure that transparency improves which will help to reduce accountability towards the public” (Pasternack, 2009) and will ensure that work is carried out free from biasness. Multinational Companies to reduce pollution and to ensure environment-friendly atmosphere has made it “ a part of their corporate social responsibility and are using it to advertise their code of conducts” .

(Levis, 2006) This is thus being used as a tool to promote their company and to ensure that it reflects on the goodwill and prospect future of the company. Multinational companies by their sheer size and presence have taken steps at a global level to bring down environmental pollution.

Corporations and multinationals have entered into “ trade agreements with many of its suppliers and associates to ensure that environmental pollution is brought down below the limits” . (Roach, 2008) This agreement is helping multinationals to ensure that pollution in the environment is controlled.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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