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The paper "Consultancy Reflective Learning Assessment Workshop - Travis Perkins" is an outstanding example of a business essay. A good example of a reflective account is the consultancy project reflective learning assessment workshop. Each action learning that had 5 to 6 members would undertake a serious consultancy research project by contracting with an external client. The deadline for work completion would be a six-month period where the results would be assessed through the formal presentation to the client accompanied by a well-written consultancy report. The assessment would be done as a group where the action learning would be a pass or a fail.

The client consultancy learning provided the participants with a very rich learning vehicle. The learning involved problem solving, in this case, the client’ s problem (O’ Hara, p12). There was as well the deep personal and professional learning that was effective due to working as a project team and being assessed jointly. The learning involved issues like conflict management, leadership nature in a group of peers, ensuring effort equity, understanding own and others’ learning systems, managing time and working together.

The projects were submitted to the client and it came a time for participants to reflect on what they had been learning, how the learning could be applied in the contexts as well as what the individuals had learned about how they learn. The process also involved reflecting on what the participants had done, analyze, and conceptualize their processes and actions. Their final reflective assessment workshop took two days of the residential workshop. The main objective of the workshop was to the participants a wonderful opportunity to mirror their learning as well as finishing their final reflective learning assessment.

It was also a time for action learning program closure. It now came a time to put the reflective learning workshop into practice. This was also a two-day consultancy workshop and its where there was a clarification of assessment criteria and learning objectives to the participants.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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